The One Thing You Need to Get Glowing in 2020

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elf Cosmetics Glow Goals Set flat lay

It doesn’t matter if you’re a makeup minimalist (a.k.a. you tap on concealer and go) or a maximalist (you apply foundation, eyes, lips—you know, a full face)—everyone wants their skin to look dewy. Why? Other than looking better in photos (kidding, sort of), dewy, hydrated skin means healthy skin that has an intact skin barrier, which is crucial to keeping moisture in and bacteria (the stuff that causes acne) out. But how do you get a glowy finish without looking like you actually just need an oil-blotting sheet? Cue this very affordable kit: e.l.f. Cosmetics Glow Goals Set ($25).

elf Cosmetics Glow Goals Set
e.l.f. Cosmetics Glow Goals Set $25.00


A carefully curated kit—complete with a hydrating coconut mist, a vitamin E-packed lip lacquer, a clear brow and mascara gel, a nourishing face oil (we see you, rose, avocado, and grape seed oil!), and a jelly-textured highlighter—that caters to your most important want: gorgeously dewy, glowing skin.


Let’s be honest, you love getting compliments on your skin—and you love the way it looks and feels when it has a healthy, luminous sheen. You like it when your lips feel moisturized and smooth—not cracked and flaky. And you love brushed-up brows and long lashes that have a patent leather-looking gloss to them. Need I say more?


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Bonus round: e.l.f. offers free shipping and a gift with every order $25 and over, which means with this glow goals purchase, you’ll automatically get free shipping and a free gift. Um, yes, this is your lucky day. Oh, and don’t forget to @Byrdie and let us know how you like it—we’re pretty sure it’ll be your new staple kit.