Glossier "You" Was 2018's Most Popular Fragrance

glossier "you"


It seems like fairly often we get exciting news from Glossier. For example, the brand's launch of two new shades of its cult-beloved Cloud Paint ($18) was met with much fanfare by people who loved the original four shades. And the brand's debut of their Play line played right into our Euphoria-induced rediscovery of imperfect, loud makeup. But nothing the brand has launched has made quite the same splash as their perfume, Glossier You ($60). The scent practically took over all of Instagram upon release, and can still be found in the #shelfies of most beauty editors. So when it was recognized by The Fragrance Foundation as 2018's Fragrance of the Year, nobody was surprised. But maybe even more excitingly, it took home the top prize for Most Popular.

Founder and CEO of Glossier Inc. Emily Weiss immediately took to both her personal and the brand's Instagram accounts to share the good news and to express gratitude for the recognition and big win. 

"WE WON! Last night, Glossier You, our first fragrance, won a FIFI (the Oscars of smell goods) for Fragrance of the Year!" she exclaimed in her post. "The number of compliments people get when wearing this perfume is next level. I am so proud of our team who created this iconic product, and grateful to ALL of the people worldwide who now call You their signature scent. Our goal was and is simple: celebrate you."


That being said, if you're one of the (apparently) few unfamiliar with the fragrance, here's a rundown of all the things you should know. First, as Weiss mentioned in her post, the scent was meant to essentially enhance the intrinsic scent of, you guessed it, you. The brand explains on its website that it's "humanly" in inspiration and that each carefully selected note in the fragrance is designed for long-wear durability to maintain the initial whiff's integrity. You know when a fragrance sharply changes paths even just minutes post-spritz? Yeah, not at all the case with You. The trick? It relies heavily on substantial base notes consisting of ambrette (described by the brand as "comfy" and "warm"), ambrox ("smooth, salty, animalistic"), and musk ("long-lasting" and "addictive"). Then, featherweight top notes like earthy iris root and piquant pink pepper add a touch more intricacy. On top of all that, it's simply one of very few fragrances designed to work with your biological makeup—your distinct scent—instead of against it. Strategic, to say the least. But we wouldn't expect anything else from a brand like Glossier.

Glossier You $60

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