Glossier's Newest Product Will Change Your Skin in a Matter of Days

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It only comes around a few times a year, but there's perhaps no better feeling than the euphoria that comes the morning of a Glossier launch. The campaign images are always exactly my aesthetic, with natural-looking models, dewy skin, and, of course, millennial pink. Then there's the packaging—minimalistic, chic, and clean. And the most paramount of all, the formulas. 

This time around, Glossier launched a trio of serums playfully called The Supers, and just like the '90s models, we can't get enough. "Think of these like supplements for your face," the press release reads. Each bottle is a super-concentrated blend of essential nutrients to help with any of your own personal skin ailments. "Because you're not just a 'skin type'—your needs change daily, and your product lineup should help you adapt," the brand aptly explains.

So without further ado, here's everything you need to know about each one. Meet Glossier's The Supers ($28–$65)


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Super Glow: Packed with vitamin C to brighten and magnesium to energize, this is your new go-to for days when you didn’t get enough sleep (you stayed late at the office, you're hungover, you watched Stranger Things for five hours straight, etc.). The texture is very slippery and light, so I like to apply and do a quick facial massage to get my blood flowing before it absorbs.

Super Pure: This blend of niacinamide and zinc is the perfect one-two punch when you're looking to soothe redness and calm blemishes (you're stressed, you're PMSing, you just ate an entire pizza and fell asleep with your makeup on, etc.). It's just as light as the Super Glow, but it works flush out impurities and irritation to prevent and treat unwanted breakouts really quickly.

Super Bounce: My favorite of the bunch, Super Bounce, is chock-full of hyaluronic acid (my favorite ingredient in the universe) to plump up your skin and vitamin B5 to bring back that elasticity—think supple, dewy, toned, and bouncy. It's perfect for the post-flight cab ride; dry, dusty music festivals; and a quick pick-me-up before a full face of makeup. It feels so smooth, silky, and milky—never sticky. I smooth it on, tap it in, and watch as my face gets softer and seriously hydrated. 

I spoke with Obsessee editor Maddie Sensibile, who couldn't stop raving about the trio. She mused, "I'm a serum skeptic, mainly because I don't want to spend a ton of money on just one. I typically stick with a moisturizer, and that's it. When the new Supers arrived on my desk, I started using them immediately—mainly because I'm a sucker for Glossier and I already use nearly all its products in my daily routine. I have been using all three since Friday, and I can absolutely see a difference. These serums really do work. I like the combo of Super Glow ($28) layered under Glossier's Priming Moisturizer ($25) in the AM. The combination makes my skin feel extra soft and, yes, I feel like there's just a nice veil over my skin (full disclosure: I do not wear makeup). At night, I'll do a few drops of Super Pure ($28) on my problem areas and Super Bounce ($28) on my cheeks where I tend to get dry. My skin really does feel renewed."

What's your favorite serum? Let us know in the comments below!

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