Glossier Launched a New, Unexpectedly "Dialed-Up" Makeup Line

Glossier Play
Courtesy of Glossier

"Skin first, makeup second." This has been Glossier's brand ethos since its inception in 2010, a statement embodied in images of fresh-faced women with just a wash of color on their lips, cheeks, and brows gracing subway ads and social media posts. Its cult-loved makeup products like Boy Brow and Gen G Lipstick were never made with the intention of covering or "fixing," but rather to enhance your individual beauty in all its glory. Glossier, at its core, is a celebration of beauty in its purest, most organic form, sans the pressure to live up to a particular ideal.

Here's the thing: Pared-down, fresh-faced beauty isn't for everyone. In fact, maximalism has seemingly eclipsed the no-makeup makeup trend in recent years, not by way of using makeup as a shroud, but as a means to create, experiment, and express freely. (Though, if you have blemishes or hyperpigmentation that you want to disguise with full-coverage concealer or foundation, then that's perfectly fine as well.) Recognizing this market shift, Glossier just launched a new, "dialed-up" subdivision of the brand, Glossier Play

"Our team has been working on Glossier Play for over two years, obsessively nerding out over formulas, searching the world (literally) for the best materials, and finessing shades until they were just right," the brand said in a press statement. "With Glossier Play, you’ll find colors you’ve never seen before, luxurious textures that move with you, and products that breathe excitement back into your makeup routine. Glossier Play isn’t about a certain look, it’s about having fun in whatever moment you’re in."

The line currently boasts four products (the same number that Glossier initially launched with years ago), Vinylic Lip high-shine lacquer, Colorslide gel eye pencil, Glitter Gelée pots, and Niteshine highlighter concentrate. They're each bright, bold, and most importantly, fun to use, no rules attached. More vibrant products are in the works and on their way, but in the meantime, shop these exciting new launches below before they sell out.

Glossier Play Vinylic Lip
Glossier Play Vinylic Lip $16
Glossier Play Glitter Gelée
Glossier Play Glitter Gelée $14
Glossier Play Technogel Eye Pencil
Glossier Play Technogel Eye Pencil $15
Glossier Play Nightshine Highlighter Concentrate
Glossier Play Nightshine Highlighter Concentrate $20

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