Glossier's Olivia Rodrigo Collaboration is a Lavender Dream

Act fast—we have a feeling it won't be around for long.

Olivia Rodrigo at a Glossier store


Glossier has a certain hypebeast quality to it—the brand has a long-standing (no pun intended) history of people waiting in line for what can feel like hours, only to enter its millennial pink stores in hopes of adding to their collection of Glossier’s cult-favorite beauty products and merch. If you’re in the camp that wouldn’t miss a Glossier launch day for the world, you’ll be pleased to know that today, October 25, Glossier is launching the Olivia Rodrigo Collection, in collaboration with Glossier’s first celebrity ambassador, Olivia Rodrigo.

Glossier has always had a special relationship with its customers, and yesterday, October 24, the brand treated them to exclusive early access to the Olivia Rodrigo Collection at Glossier’s LA store on Melrose Ave.

What’s more, Glossier hosted a meet-and-greet with the star of the launch, offering the first 100 people in line a chance to chat with the singer, and to get their hands on an Olivia Rodrigo Collection Mini Beauty Bag signed by Rodrigo herself.

The collection is small but certainly mighty—and only available in a limited-edition bundle for $68. First up is the new lavender Mini Beauty Bag, equipped with a zipper feature and a sleeve to store anything you might need for the day (cosmetics, school supplies, tampons—you name it). The outside of the bag features journal-like sketches of some of Glossier’s classic stickers like a dazzling heart, rainbow, a set of eyes, and a devilish three-eyed smiley face, along with Olivia Rodrigo’s butterfly logo drawn in a bubbly font. The collection also features Ultralip in a brand new nudey-pink shade, Pisces, and a special Monochromes Tin in a pretty lavender shade—you can take your pick from the brand's shadow palettes to go inside.

Glossier Olivia Rodrigo collection
Glossier The Olivia Rodrigo Collection $68.00

Although yesterday’s chance to meet Rodrigo and procure a signed bag sounds like the experience of a lifetime, you can luckily get your hands on the Olivia Rodrigo Collection today at—but act fast, we have a feeling it won't stick around.

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