We Tried Glossier's First-Ever Mascara—Here Are Our Honest Opinions

18 months, 248 iterations, and a trip to Tokyo: That's what it took for Glossier to create its first-ever mascara, Lash Slick ($16). But because it's Glossier, don't expect a thick, inky, spider-lash formula—it's more like a hyper-lash tint meant to lift and curl the lashes, while also utilizing Japanese fiber technology to deposit teeny-tiny curved fibers onto the tips—like mini extensions. It's your lashes, reimagined: Vegan biotin conditions the lashes to make them softer and more lush over time, and the lightweight, high-shine pigment darkens and lengthens lashes to make it look as though your natural flutters are doe-like on their own. A press release from the brand says it best: "Expect to hear a lot more 'your lashes look good' and less 'what mascara are you wearing?'"

Since any and all Glossier launches send Byrdie HQ into a frenzy, a few of us decided to dive into the Millennial Pink tube and see what Lash Slick was all about. Our honest thoughts are below.

Final thoughts: We love the packaging (duh), the quality of the brush, and the lengthening power of Lash Slick to enhance our natural flutters, but being the makeup lovers that we are, we'll probably stick to our usual mascaras for our day-to-day mega-volume looks.

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