We Asked Derms Their Honest Thoughts on 3 Internet-Famous Skincare Products

Scrolling through Instagram posts of beautiful product flat lays and celebrities touting their favorite skincare is like being suckered into a late-night home-shopping broadcast: Maybe you aren't necessarily in the market for anything, but you'll be damned if you don't pull your credit card out fast enough. Many brands undeniably package and market their launches with social media in mind, flipping the attention-grabbing curb appeal you'd find window-shopping on its head. Pretty bottles, eye-catching formulas and textures, and witty marketing are arguably more alluring than medical-grade products or cosmeceuticals, but attractive as they may look on a phone screen, we often wonder how scientifically efficacious an internet-famous product really is. So, we decided to conduct our litmus test in which we had three dermatologists examine the contents of top-selling products from three brands constantly popping up on our feeds: Glossier, Glamglow, and Herbivore. Their thoughts, below.

Opening image: @pickychic