One Editor's Honest Review of Glossier's Gen G Lipsticks

Maya Allen


Who remembers when I tried out Glossier's Cloud Paint and a kind stranger on the elevator told me I should model? Good times, man. Ever since Glossier earned me that major compliment, it's been just peachy in my book. I've tried a bunch of Glossier products and a few stand out among the rest. First, the Milky Jelly Cleanser has remained a staple in my skincare routine. I double-cleanse and love how this silky texture slips my makeup right off. I'm also a huge fan of Body Hero. It coats my consistently dry skin with loads of moisture and I'm into how rich and creamy it feels. And last but certainly not least, Boy Brow gives my brushed-up brows extra dimension. So, I keep that close too.

To be honest, I haven't been 100% hooked on a Glossier lip product until now. I like Balm Dotcom but haven't worn the original Gen G shades enough to have an established opinion. That just changed. Glossier re-launched Gen G lipsticks in a sheer, matte formula. They have the feel of a balm with buildable colors you can control. Made of sunflower and safflower oil, beeswax, and blue agave, these lipsticks promise to be incredibly hydrating and nourishing. I think of them as a bold matte lipstick's chiller cousin in six low-key, toned-down, barely-there-but-there shades.

If you're wondering what the Gen G sheer matte lipsticks look like IRL, you've come to the right place. I tried all of the shades out and here are my thoughts.

Editor Maya Allen wearing Glossier's Gen G in Crush

Gen G in Crush

Glossier Generation G in Crush $18.00

The brand describes this shade as a "raspberry pink," which is so spot-on. I love how this fuschia hue leaves that flushed, just-been-kissed look on my lips. I like things bold, so I layered this about three times to get this color.

Editor Maya Allen wearing Glossier's Gen G in Cake

Gen G in Cake

Glossier Generation G in Cake $18.00

I'm in love with this neutral. It's a taupe tone that plays so well with my deep skin tone. This is a winning example of an inclusive nude shade that complements all skin tones.

Editor Maya Allen wearing Glossier's Gen G in Zip

Gen G in Zip

Glossier Generation G in Zip $18.00

This bright red hue has hints of orange floating around. The vibrant shade reminds me of vacation.

Editor Maya Allen wearing Glossier's Gen G in Like

Gen G in Like

Glossier Generation G in Like $18.00

I was pleasantly surprised at how cool this color showed up on my skin tone because the packaging is deceptive. I thought it would be a deep wine, but it was more like a light berry. Like the others, I layered this on generously and found that it showed up the sheerest on my skin tone out of the bunch.

Editor Maya Allen wearing Glossier's Gen G in Jam

Gen G in Jam

Glossier Generation G in Jam $18.00

I just met my perfect fall berry lip. This blotted-looking berry is my ideal everyday shade. Plus, the upkeep is so minimal because of the balm texture. I don't have to worry about it getting spotty or dry over time.

Next: Here's what Glossier's Cloud Paint looks like in real life, too.

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