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This Is What a Glossier Girl Smells Like, According to the Brand's Founder


Glossier is currently on the path toward world domination (at least we think so). The brand has a set of insanely devoted fans from all across the world. After it starts shipping to the UK later this month, that fan base will only grow throughout England, Scotland, Ireland, and the rest of Europe.

It seems to be rapidly expanding, too. Glossier just launched two new skincare products this week, called Body Hero ($35), which were met with enthusiasm and support by customers. (We loved the inclusive ad campaign, too). Now, the brand’s founder, Emily Weiss, just opened up to Vogue about the newest company venture: fragrance.


Apparently, the first-ever Glossier fragrance will be called Glossier You, keeping with the brand's sense of individuality and acceptance. It's meant to enhance your presence, not hide it behind a strong aroma. It will have a scent that's equal parts musky and powdery, along with a fresh and floral note of iris flower.

As Weiss describes it, "I want it to smell like your boyfriend's neck after he has been wearing cologne for eight hours."As Weiss describes it, "I want it to smell like your boyfriend's neck after he has been wearing cologne for eight hours." We expect she means the fragrance will be a subtle and androgynous fragrance that smells like your significant other—and frankly, we can’t wait to try it. 

The sneak peek of the Glossier You fragrance's packaging aligns with the rest of the brand's products. The bottle is functional and rather unassuming, with a soft pink container capped with a bright cherry-red top. (We've noticed the brand is introducing more red into its packaging since the very same color is featured on the Daily Oil Wash ($18) and the Daily Perfecting Cream ($22). Should we perhaps start expecting a slow transition from Glossier's namesake pink to this red? It's food for thought.)

There's no mention of the fragrance's release date, though Weiss is already talking about future expansions into personal care.

Head over to Vogue to read the full article. Then, read about the new fragrance that Kim Kardashian West just teased on her Instagram!

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