Glossier's Playful Eyeliners Are Back—And They're Better Than Ever

Get creative with color.

woman wearing Glossier orange eyeliner


Glossier isn’t scared to take a risk, even if it doesn’t always pay off. Such is the case with Glossier Play, a glittering, bold offshoot of Glossier’s no-makeup-makeup mainstays launched in 2019. The sub-brand was met with mixed reviews—save for the Colorslide eyeliners, which quickly became a cult favorite. When Glossier announced Play would be closing a year later, die-hards (myself included) mourned the loss of the pencils.

Today, the Colorslide-sized hole in my heart has been filled, by the brand-new Glossier No. 1 Pencil ($16). The pencils keep everything we loved so much about the OG, with a few upgrades to take them to the next level—including re-imagined shades, better glide, and clean formula. 

Below, get all the details on the new No. 1 Pencil, and read our honest review.

Glossier Pencil
Glossier No. 1 Pencil $16.00

The Inspiration

In addition to the success of the initial liners, Glossier was inspired by art history to create No. 1 Pencil. The brand says they wanted shoppers to have the tools to create any and every eye look they could dream of and are “designed to celebrate creative expression through beauty.” The liners have a demi-matte finish and come in a range of 10 shades, from classic black to saturated lavender pastel.

The pencils are designed to smudge and smear for ultimate flexibility, before setting into a budge-proof line. “The just-soft-enough pencil tip lets crisp, true, high-pigment color glide right on in one swipe, without skipping, tugging, or transferring,” says the brand. “Once set, the formula is transfer, water-resistant, and lasts up to 12 hours.”

Woman wearing blue glossier eyeliner


The Formula 

While the bold colors of the pencils may initially catch your eye, it’s the creamy formula that will keep you coming back for more. The texture strikes the right balance of being hard enough for a crisp line, but soft enough that it glides right on with no tugging or skipping. Sometimes high-pigment formulas are tough or crumbly, but this one is super smooth. 

Glossier No. 1 Pencil is long-wearing, vegan, cruelty-free, dermatologist tested, ophthalmologist tested, and suitable for contact lens wearers and sensitive eyes. 

My Review 

Byrdie Editor wearing Glossier colorful eyeliner

Bella Cacciatore

I was a huge fan of the original Glossier liners, so these had big shoes to fill. I’m happy to report that they’re even better than the OGs, and I’m excited to stop rationing my 3-year-old pencil. The color range is gorgeous, spanning from wearable neutrals to poppy brights, and the pastel shades are just as pigmented as the blacks and browns. They glide on like butter—much smoother than the originals, which was my main gripe with the formula—and can be easily manipulated into a pointed wing or smudgy smoke. I wore them through a sticky humid day, and they stayed put from coffee to cocktails. I also love that the launch is meant to encourage creativity, and it made it easy to play outside my comfort zone with the fun colors. In this case, the second time’s the charm! 

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