Glossier's New Product Helps You Get the Look of Microblading at Home

Glossier Brow Flick

Courtesy of the brand

Right on the heels of Glossier's last product launch, which was the BubbleWrap Eye and Lip Cream, the brand is back at it again. Today, Glossier debuted its newest addition—a brow product. We know what you're thinking. Doesn't Glossier already have a brow product? Yes. It's called Boy Brow ($16) and it's one of our all-time favorite brow gels, thanks to the way it tints and sets our brow hairs into a fluffy, brushed-up shape. This new brow product was created to work in tandem with Boy Brow, in order to fill in sparse gaps and add the appearance of brow hair where brow hair might be missing. (Rejoice you regretful eyebrow pluckers of yesteryear).

Meet Brow Flick. It's a brush-tip detailing pen that provides natural-looking, hair-like strokes wherever you apply it. Think of it like a liquid eyeliner for your brows, but one that's way easier to use and much more subtle—nay, almost undetectable—after application.

Glossier Brow Flick $18

The pen comes in three shades; there's brown, blonde, and black. No matter which shade fits your brow color and your complexion, know that the formula is lightweight and sheer. It's designed to fill in your brows with believable hair-like strokes, not thick marker-like etchings or dry un-even slashes. When used in conjunction with Boy Brow (use Brow Flick first and then follow up with a coat of Boy Brow), it makes the brows look fuller and fluffier. You can use the tinted Boy Brow for extra definition and color, or the clear Boy Brow, which will brush up your brows and set them, locking in the Brow Flick underneath.

Makeup artist Katie Jane Hughes debuted Brow Flick on her Instagram ahead of its launch. "I recommend using it on completely free, oil-free brows, " Hughes tells her followers. "You shouldn't have any moisturizer on them or any oils or serums or any skincare products—and no highlighters." This ensures you'll get the most even, natural-looking strokes possible, so, you know, it will look like you have full, bushy brows and not like you're wearing a product designed to give you full, bushy brows.


Here's a screenshot taken from Hughes Instagram Stories. She used Brow Flick to create this almost unbelievably real-looking brow on the back of her hand. The hairs look even, light, and feathery, which is just how we like them.

"I think it's really important to only use it with the pen pointing down and only use the tip of the pen," she continued. "Don't use the side of the pen, because you'll get a thick, dense stroke." Head over to her Instagram to see more about Brow Flick (she has a story highlight saved to her main page where you can hear more about it).

Brow Flick is available now on Glossier's website. While you wait for your order to ship, check out 10 weird but amazing Amazon beauty finds Byrdie readers love.

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