Emily Weiss Just Made a Huge Announcement About Glossier's Future


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It's no question that Glossier founder and CEO Emily Weiss has built a veritable empire from the ground up—to the point that we can hardly believe it was only a couple of years ago that Into the Gloss gave way to one of the most beloved cult skincare and makeup lines of the moment. Truly, it seems that the world is awash with that telltale Glossier pink.

But in a post on Into the Gloss yesterday, Weiss made it clear that this runaway success is only the beginning: In a bid for full transparency, she outlined the specifics of the company's latest round of funding as well as Glossier's next stages of growth. 

For starters, Into the Gloss readers from across the globe will be thrilled to hear that international shipping is in the works (considering the drugstore products we hoard whenever we visit Paris, we feel your pain). Weiss also revealed that the next two phases of Glossier products are in the works as we speak. (Hair? Fragrance? Candles?)

But perhaps the most significant announcement—particularly for those who live in the New York area—is that Glossier will soon be opening the doors of a brick-and-mortar boutique. Weiss's post offers a glimpse of the space, complete with pink walls in progress.

In the meantime, the label's holiday gift box definitely has top billing on our wish lists. Plus, check out our review of Glossier's Super Serums.