The Most Popular Skincare Products in India, France, and More


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From the smooth, poreless skin of women in Korea to the effortlessly glowing complexions of women in India, it's remarkable how breathtakingly beautiful each culture is. What's even more astounding is the fact that each country has it's own skincare secrets, be it a native ingredient, an ancient practice, or a way of life. And regardless of how different these methodologies are, each group has still, in their own way, artfully mastered the secrets to better skin. So when our own complexion starts to look lackluster, it's fun to borrow tips (or products) from other countries to reset our regimens. 

Below, we took at look at the top-selling products in Korea, India, France, Germany, Australia, and Mexico to compare and contrast what each culture considers to be a bathroom vanity must-have. What we found was that there are many consistencies across the globe, namely, products that will deliver hydration, radiance, and anti-aging (because who doesn't want all of that?). To find out which products rank highest far and wide, keep scrolling.

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