7 Genius Beauty Tips We've Learned From Around the World



Considering the rise of Korean beauty products in the U.S. and our paralleled growing fascination with Asian skincare, it's clear that Westerners aren't cemented in their home turf when it comes to beauty. But even before the K-beauty movement, we welcomed treatments like Brazilian waxes, eyebrow threading (a Middle Eastern and Asian practice), and Turkish baths with open arms. Some of the absolute best tricks, practices, and products we've ever tried come from far across the globe, and we're constantly thirsty for more.

In our never-ending pursuit of international beauty tips, we've asked models, influencers, brand developers, and even just native women and men to share their country's best beauty tips. Below, take a look at some of our favorite global beauty tips.

What products have you tried from around the globe? Please share with us below!