The Best Glitter Ombré Nail Designs to Wear All Year Long

glitter ombre manicure


We love sparkle as much as the next person but can admit that sometimes, glitter can be a bit overwhelming. That's the same thought behind one of the latest nail trends to take social media by storm: glitter ombré nails. Unlike full glitter nails, ombré glitter nails feature a fade of glitter—either from the tip down or cuticle up. Thanks to their half-covered allure, we like to think of them as the grown-up version of our favorite sparkly childhood nail looks.

Since we know we're not the only ones to swoon over sparkles, we went ahead and rounded up some glitter ombré nail designs for inspiration. From neutral champagne shades to bold silver and colorful hues, ahead, you'll discover our favorite glitter ombré nail art ideas, courtesy of some of Instagram's most creative nail artists.

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Subtle Ombré

Subtle pink-to-silver glitter ombre nails


For those of you that love the idea of a grown-up glitter manicure but still want to keep it neutral, this subtle shimmer will be your best bet. To recreate the look, start with a base of OPI's Infinite Shine 2 Long Wear Lacquer ($13) in Snowfalling for You and top it off with the brand's Nail Lacquer ($11) in Naughty or Ice.

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Silver Glitter Fade

Silver-to-pink glitter ombre nails


Here’s another neutral option to dip your tips into the glitter ombré nail trend. Start with a peachy nude base and top it off with silver glitter. Easy enough!

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Starry Ombré

Glitter ombre nails on peachy nude background with stars


Ready to kick it up a notch while still keeping it neutral? This glitter ombré nail art idea features a translucent nude base covered with champagne-colored glitter and holographic star confetti. While it looks more in-depth, it’s still easy to recreate—the toughest part is adhering the stars (and that requires sticking them on top of semi-wet polish and topping off with a top coat).

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Rose Gold Sparkles

Rose gold glitter ombre nails


Still on the neutral end of the spectrum, this ombré glitter nail art idea features clear jelly tips covered in rose gold glitter and delicately painted white stars to make them look especially sparkly. We’re getting KiraKira vibes. Anyone else?

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Inverted Ombré

Pink and silver inverted glitter ombre nails


Hoping for less of a French glitter ombré nail look and more of an allover glittery feel? You’ll be able to achieve such by inverting the glitter fade on each nail. 

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Icy Ombré

Deep blue to silver glitter ombre nails


At last, a non-neutral option. These blue-tipped glitter ombré nails are a winter must. To snag the icy vibe, be sure to buy the Nails Inc. Nail Porn Nail Polish Duo ($15), which was used to create the look. 

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Mauve Tips

Purple, pink, and silver glitter ombre nails


These holographic pink and purple nails remind us of a magical unicorn—in the best way possible. The glitter finish is like the cherry on top of the perfect sundae.

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Holographic Ombré

If you prefer to let your glitter do all the talking, feel free to cover your nail in a clear base coat or ever-so-slightly tinted transparent polish before painting on the glitter of your choice. We love how this one looks rainbow in certain lighting.

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Bedazzled Ombré Glitter Nails

On that same note, glitter doesn’t have to be the only shiny addition to your mani. Here, one Instagram user shows how a little extra sparkle goes a long way.

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Ombré Acrylics

Long silver glitter to peach ombre acrylic manicure


While those with short nails can achieve miniature fades, those with longer nails can really show off an ombré glitter fade. Case in point? These ultra-long, square-tipped acrylics. Of course, you’ll need a manicurist’s help to bring these neutral-tinted stunners to life. 

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Confetti Ombré

Rainbow confetti glitter ombre nails


Quite possibly our favorite glitter ombré nails, these go beyond ultra-fine sparkles and bring colorful confetti into the mix. We’re getting major ‘90s vibes from these bright beauties.

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Coffin-Shaped Ombré Glitter Nails

Ombré glitter nails don’t have to be super subtle in their fade. Instead, you can opt for a glitter tip with just a few stray sparkles to complete the look.

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French Ombré Glitter Nails

These oval-shaped nails are one of the most elevated takes on glitter ombré. With just one statement nail per hand, it really makes the glitter pop.

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Gunmetal Ombré Glitter Nails

Glitter ombré nails make quite the statement—so much so that you may only need one half-dipped nail and one statement nail to turn heads.

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Icy Tipped Ombré

Silver glitter to light nude ombre nails


Of course, glitter ombré nails have to have a bit of bling-bling star sparkle. The silver glitter, complete with big hand-placed stars, makes this manicure look like a glistening snowflake.

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Chunky Glitter Ombré

Chunky silver glitter to tan nude ombre nails


Also, let it be known, all glitters are fair game—including chunkier sparkles that might not create as subtle of a fade but will definitely achieve the same eye-catching allure.

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Gold-Dipped Ombré Nails

With chunky glitter top of mind, we had to show you these gold-dipped beauties. They’re so sunny and warm—not to mention super easy to recreate. Start with a clear base coat and follow up with the chunky gold glitter polish of your choice, painting only halfway up your nail. Thanks to the transparent nature of glitter polishes, it will naturally create a bit of a dispersed fade. Don’t forget the top coat!

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Long Nude Ombré Glitter Nails

Silver glitter to light nude ombre acrylic manicure


Just because you want a neutral base doesn’t mean you have to pick a run-of-the-mill glitter. Here, you can see how rose gold-tinted holographic glitter will add extra allure to your ombré nails.

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Purple Glitter Ombré

Purple to neutral glitter ombre nails


Nude polish is elevated with an ombré chunky purple glitter. The fun, hand-painted sparkles really take the design to the next level.

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