24 Elevated Glitter Nail Designs You'll Want to Show Off

gold striped glitter manicure


We're never not excited about new nail art, especially when glitter is in the mix. Yup, you heard it here first: Glitter is for grown-ups, and don't let anyone tell you otherwise. When worn on your nails, it gives your hands this undeniable wow factor. Whether it's an ever-so-slight sparkle or a full-on bedazzlement, glitter nails will always have a place in our hearts and on our Instagram feed.

While glitter nails are especially popular around the holidays thanks to their glitz and glam, they can absolutely be worn all year-round. So whether you're daydreaming about your holiday mani or crave a little extra sparkle in the middle of summer, ahead, you'll find 24 elevated glitter nail designs you'll want to copy, stat. Scroll, screenshot, and take these with you to your next nail appointment. And, while you're at it, prepare for the overflowing compliments and Instagram likes you'll undoubtedly receive as a result.

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Silver Glitter Drip

Bare nails with silver glitter tips


Made with ultra-fine silver glitter juxtaposed against bare nails, this manicure is dripping in modern style.

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Glitter Sequin Stunners

Black nails with rainbow glitter sequin overlay


Why stop at fine glitter when you can incorporate chunky sequins into the mix too? This rainbow mani proves that and gives us major Lisa Frank vibes in the process.

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Glitter Cuticles

Clear manicure with glitter cuticles


Glitter nails stand out most when they're against bare-looking nail beds. Just look at these silver- and gold-lined cuticles if you don't believe us. 

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Glittery Swipe

Pale blue nails with gold glitter design


The best thing about this design is that it's literally impossible to mess up—an abstract swipe of glitter anywhere on the nails makes it work.

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Mixed Metal Glitter

Almond-shaped nails with gold and silver glitter


Wearing gold and silver together has become something of a style statement. To bring the jewelry-inspired mani a bit more front and center, pair the colors together on your nails to copy this simple glittery manicure.

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Glitter Stars

Short clear nails with silver glittery stars outlined in black


Who knew a single glitter star on each bare nail could make such an obsessed-over manicure? Trust us; if you opt for this nail look, you'll be drowning in likes.

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Disco French

Purple glitter ombre manicure with red jewels at base of nails


Get the best of both the traditional and trendy nail worlds by opting for a glitter tip on your next French manicure. A gem or two will also pump up the party factor.

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Glitter French Curves

Clear nails with gold glitter curved tips


Nothing feels more festive than gold, glittery nails painted in a negative space design. It's a chill version of the glitter nail trend, and we're all here for it.

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Glitter Waves

Negative space manicure with gold, black, and silver wavy side


Silver, black, and gold glitter make quite a splash—look at this wavy negative space mani.

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Chunky Glitter Diagonals

White manicure with diagonal chunky gold glitter base


One of the major keys to screenshot-worthy nails is playing with lines and shapes. Take this diagonal dash of golden glitter over a white base, for example. 

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Glitter Dots

Clear manicure with rainbow glittery dots


When you copy this confetti-inspired glitter polka-dot manicure, your nails will be the life of the party. Best of all, it's super simple to create. Just pick the glitter nail polishes of your choice and use a dotting tool to create evenly dispersed dots on each nail. Finish with a high-shine topcoat et voilà.

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Glitter Half Moons

French manicure with black tips and silver glitter half-moon base detail


Here we have two nail trends wrapped into one. First, ultra-fine glitter half-moons at the nail base; and second, slim black tips to offer a modern take on the classic French manicure.

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Glitter Chrome

3D glittery chrome manicure


These chrome beauties give us all the siren vibes. Since foils can be tricky to work with, you might want to enlist a pro manicurist's help your first time trying to copy this look.

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Glitter Lines

Clear nails with gold glitter central stripe accent


Minimalists will love this simple take dreamed up by nail mastermind Alicia Torello. A single line of gold glitter smack-dab in the center of your nail is such a vibe—and an effortless one, at that.

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Illusion Glitter Nails

Blue, pink, and purple gradient illusion glitter nails


Hello, you magical unicorn. These ultra-fine iridescent glitter nails will make you feel straight out of a fairytale.

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Graphic Glitter Tips

Negative space manicure with dual-layered cream and silver glitter tip


Craving a chic take on a classic French mani? Double up with champagne sparkle like so. It's a toned-down version of the trend that's work- and play-appropriate.

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Fine Glitter Dots

Clear manicure with fine gold glitter dots


Try not to be distracted by the rocks on these rings if you can, and take in these perfect nails. Use a translucent base coat and jazz up your nails with dispersed specks of glitter. 

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Small Glitter Accents

Negative space manicure with silver glitter semicircle details


Feast your eyes on these fab nails fit for a diva. You have no choice but to be happy every time you look down at your nails and see this next-level design.

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Sparkling Glitter Tips

Black manicure with gold glitter tips


These luxe glitter tips are especially alluring, thanks to their soft fade from light to heavy sparkle. How could you not stare at these shining beauties?

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Simple Glitter Cuticles

Peach manicure with silver glitter cuticle crescent


The most low-key way to liven up neutral nails is with a barely there, metallic half-moon design. 

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Glitter Chevron

Blue and gold glitter chevron negative space manicure


Channel your inner Wonder Woman with what Paintbox calls superhero swoops. This sapphire shade plays so well with glitter.

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Gold-Dipped Glitter Tips

Clear manicure with gold glitter tips


When looking at this mani, our first thought was party-on-top nails, which is an accurate depiction once you take note of the gradient effect of this falling glitter. So glam. 

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Glittery Pop Art

Clear manicure with triangular blue and silver glitter nail designs


Are nail-gasms a thing? If so, this line formulation is giving us one. If anything, the takeaway here is that glitter polish goes so well with color contrast. Confession: We want this pop art-inspired pattern as a piece of artwork in our apartment.

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Champagne Glitter Swoops

Negative space manicure with silver glitter tips


This is a classic French manicure with a subtle twist. If you look closely, you can see the gradual swoop. It adds a uniqueness that makes this glitter feel fresh. 

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