15 Elevated Glitter Nail Designs You'll Want to Show Off

Updated 11/09/18

We're never not excited about new nail art, especially when glitter is in the mix. Though glitter may spark fond childhood memories, you certainly may indulge in as much sparkle your heart desires in your adulthood. You heard it here first: Glitter is for grown-ups, and don't let anyone tell you otherwise. It's no secret glitter looks absolutely gorgeous on your nails. It gives your hands this undeniable wow factor. Cue the overflowing compliments and Instagram likes if you're compelled to share a hand selfie. 

The holidays are a skip away, which means festive parties will come quicker than you know it. You may not have your outfit planned just yet, but at least you can have your future mani figured out. These elevated glitter nail designs are perfect for the fun nights ahead. 

Celebrity nail artist Madeline Poole proves contrasting colors of glitter look so damn good together. This splash of sparkle against a jet-black base looks so effortlessly cool.  

Nothing feels more festive than gold, glittery nails painted in a negative space. It's a chiller, cool-girl version of this trend we're very into. 

One of the major keys to screenshot-worthy nails is playing with lines and shapes. Take this diagonal dash of silver glitter bejeweled with an array of colors for example. 

This vibrant blue sparkle will warrant compliments galore. If you try a rendition of this, get ready for onlookers to do double takes at this matte, royal blue texture. 

Minimalists will love this simple take dreamed up by nail mastermind Alicia Torello. A single line of gold glitter smack-dab in the center of your nail is such a vibe—an effortless one. 

Feeling a little extra? Same, always actually. Double up on a classic French mani with champagne sparkle like so. It's a toned-down version of the trend that's work- and play appropriate.

Try to not be distracted by these rocks if you can, and take in these perfect NYE nails. Use a translucent base coat and jazz up your nails with dispersed specks of glitter. 

Another party nail for you. These disco ball glitter nails are not for the faint of heart. They're for the girl who wants to have the coolest nails at the party.

The most low-key way to liven up neutral nails is with a barely there half-moon design. 

Channel your inner Wonder Woman with what Paintbox calls superhero swoops. This sapphire shade plays so well with glitter.

A deep dive into her Instagram shows Poole doesn't do glitter nail art that often, but when she does, she does it very well. Bet you've never seen a colorful glitter houndstooth design so cool before. 

The first thought that came to mind when I saw this design was party-on-top nails. An accurate depiction once you take note of the gradient effect of this falling glitter. So glam. 

Feast your eyes on these fab nails fit for a diva. You have no choice but to be happy every time you look down at your nails and see this next-level design.

Are nail-gasms a thing? If so, this line formulation is giving us one. If anything, the takeaway here is that glitter polish goes so well with color contrast. Confession: I want this pattern as a piece of artwork in my apartment. 

This is a classic French with a subtle twist. If you look closely, you can see the gradual swoop. It adds a uniqueness that makes this glitter look feel fresh. 

Down to re-create some of these looks yourself? Next, cop some of our favorite glitter nail polishes.

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