7 Simple Ways to Wear Grown-Up Glitter

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The festive season has well and truly arrived, and with it comes an undeniable urge to bedeck our faces with sparkle. There’s no point fighting it; it is what it is. Thankfully we've found three sophisticated ways to wear shimmer that are grown-up, downright beautiful, and won’t have people wondering whether you took inspiration from your nana’s Christmas tree. A word of warning: If your makeup bag is providing the glitz for the night, your wardrobe probably doesn’t need to. But you know, whatever floats your boat, it’s the season where anything goes after all.

Read on for 7 chic new ways to dazzle this festive season.

glitter makeup ideas

#1 Flecked Lashes

The most subtle route to festive sparkle is this sparkly lash look. Try flecking MAC #33 Lash ($17) with silver glitter, then slick MAC Lipglass ($17.50) in clear onto your lids. High-shine eyes contrast beautifully with a dark, matte lip. Try Charlotte Tilbury Matte Revolution Lipstick in Glastonberry ($34).

glitter makeup ideas

#2 Shimmering Eyelids

Grab yourself some body glue and sequins and take your cue from makeup artist extraordinaire Val Garland who created this look at Temperley London. Match the shimmer to your signature jewelry color (whether it’s gold, silver, or rose gold). Use Duo Adhesive ($9) to secure in place.

glitter makeup ideas: Sparkling glitter eyelid

The look also works well with glitter. Try LASplash Crystallized Glitter ($12) or for a more subtle take, try clear opalescent sparkle instead.

glitter makeup ideas

#3 Jewelled Liner

If sequins and glitter feel a tad too much (and you have a very steady hand), try small flatback gems instead. James Kaliardos placed 10 Swarovski crystals under each lower lash in a line on models at Rodarte’s show a couple of seasons ago and we still love it. Apply a little adhesive where you want the crystals to sit with a thin brush and allow it to go tacky before fixing the Swarovski flatback crystals ($6) in place.

glitter makeup ideas: Glitter tears

#4 Glitter Tears

Flecks of glitter layered over cream highlighter add a whimsical touch. Stick to glitter shades close to your skin tone and keep it closer to your lower lash line for a subtle take. 

glitter makeup ideas: Gold glitter

#5 Shimmer Smudge

Use your fingertip to smudge gold glitter onto your eyelids, the inner corner of your eyes and the centre of your lower lash line. Keep the rest of your makeup pared-back. 

glitter makeup ideas: Gold glitter on eyes

Not sure how to fix it to your eyelids? NYX Glitter Primer ($6.50) is the answer.

glitter makeup ideas: Metallic stars

#6 Starry Eyed

Okay, it's not glitter but rules are there to be broken. Small gold or silver star confetti make great face adornments. Place on the inner, or outer, corners of your eyes with Duo Adhesive ($9). 

glitter makeup ideas: Gold leaf on eyes

#7 Glimmering Gold Leaf

Not a fan of glitter? It does tend to get everywhere. Instead get crafty with gold leaf and fix it over a cream gold shadow like L'Oreal Infallible Eye Paint in Golden Eye ($4). Won't stick? A little Duo Adhesive ($9) will help keep the gold leaf in place. 

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