This Glittery Holiday Beauty Look Is Goals

Updated 12/11/17
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how to do glitter makeup
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Whether we'll admit it or not, wearing glitter during the colder months just feels right. Maybe it’s because we’ve spent the summer enjoying our fuss-free beauty routines, or perhaps it’s our way of adding some much-needed light into the cold, dreary months that lie ahead. Whatever the reason—we’re into it—and we’re always looking for new ways to embrace the look.

So obviously we couldn’t resist inviting beauty influencer Melissa Alatorre back for another installment of our 10-minute beauty challenge at Ulta Beauty in Santa Monica. Alatorre chose a makeup look at random, and was given 10 minutes to shop the necessary products and create the look. Surprisingly, her take on glitter was much more mature than those of seasons past. Instead of dusting it everywhere, she opted to use it in subtle, unexpected places—and instead of using highlighter, she dabbed loose glitter onto her cheekbones.

Watch the video above to see her look come together; then shop all the products you’ll need to try it yourself below.

Melissa Alatorre glitter makeup
CLIQUE Studios
Too Faced Best Year Ever $49

When it comes to eye shadow—options are everything, so Alatorre chose a set that comes with three different palettes. She started with a bone-color shadow (Angelic) as a base, making it easier to blend with other colors, then dusted it along her brow bone. Next, she chose another neutral shade—Oh What Fun—and blended it into her crease. “Think of it as contouring your eyes before adding glitter,” she explains. She also dusted the shade along her lower lash line for more definition.

Stila Magnificent Metals Glitter & Glow Liquid Eyeshadow in Diamond Dust $24

Once her shadow was blended, Alatorre went in with a liquid glitter shadow, concentrating it on the lash line and blending upward. While still wet, she used a clean blending brush to diffuse the glitter into her crease.

NYX #GlitterGoals Kit in Pink, Purple, & Luna $10

Rather than adding highlighter, Alatorre opted for loose glitter. “It’s the holiday take on highlighter,” she says. When applying glitter, first dab on the glitter primer (it acts as an adhesive), then follow up with the sparkle. Alatorre dipped her finger into the container and then lightly dabbed it along her cheekbones. This glitter is really fine, so it gives cheeks a subtle hint of iridescent shimmer.

It Cosmetics Superhero Elastic Stretch Volumizing Mascara $24

“Everything about this mascara is amazing,” says Alatorre. It’s a buildable formula, so you can really get the wand in there, starting at the root of your lashes and working up to the tip. 

Tarte Tarteist Quick Dry Matte Lip Paint in OG $20

This look is all about the glitter, so keeping lips simple is a must. Alatorre  chose a matte pinky-nude lip color to apply first with the wand. She then went back over her lips using her ring finger to lightly dab and blend the pigment in. 

Tell us: What 10-minute beauty challenges do you want to see next year?

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