15 Glitter Lipsticks to Wear During the Holiday Season

Glitter used to be associated with tweeny roller balls and flavored lip balms, but that reputation no longer holds true. Instead, glitter offers a sophisticated, otherworldly addition to your beauty look, serving up glamour and fun in equal measure. Of course, the formulas have changed as well. No longer are you meant to sit in your bathroom, endlessly attempting to apply your shimmer without making a mess (and failing every time). Now, glitter lipsticks, glosses, and pigments allow for easy application and even more satisfying results. They're creamy, comfortable, and easy to remove come bedtime.

With your impending holiday parties in mind, we searched the internet for the best and boldest offerings you can swipe on without a second thought and look like you spent hours in the makeup chair. Below, find our favorites, a collection of toppers and crystal-infused formulas to make any fête feel special. Keep scrolling for all the goods.