I Tried 8 Glitter Lipsticks and Discovered They're Surprisingly Wearable

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Glitter lipsticks

You heard it here first: Glitter lipsticks are this year's festive beauty "thing." One day, it seems, every makeup brand decided that this was the year to go all out, plying their bullets with glitter and, in some cases, branding them with intricate criss-cross etchings or stars. And you know what? I'm not mad about it.

At first, I thought these glitter lipsticks looked pretty enough and would make a fun festive gift, but I wouldn't, you know, wear them. But, turns out, they're actually surprisingly wearable. Whether you want a hint of shimmer in a matte formula, a sheeny glossy, balmy, finish or a full-on richly-pigmented glitzy look, there is a glitter lipstick out there with your name on it. I tried them all and these are the eight best.

Charlotte Tilbury

Charlotte Tilbury Hot Lips Glitter
 Amy Lawrenson

Pillow Talk Diamonds ($34) is a reimagining of Charlotte Tilbury's cult matte shade Pillow Talk. The formula is sheer and balm-like and it's shot through with shimmer. It's easy to wear alone or as a topper over lipsticks you already own to shift them to a shimmer.

Charlotte Tilbury Pillow Talk Diamonds
Charlotte Tilbury Pillow Talk Diamonds $34


Chantecaille Lipstick in Rose Quartz
 Amy Lawrenson

Chantecaille's limited edition holiday lipstick is dazzling to look at in the bullet and it's not just for show; it's frosted all the way through and doesn't feel at all gritty on the lips. I'm wearing the shade Rose Quartz here, which is pleasantly retro-looking.

Chantecaille Lip Cristal
Chantecaille Lip Cristal in Rose Quartz $51

Juicy Couture

Juicy Couture Glitter Lipstick
 Amy Lawrenson

The outside of this Juicy Couture Glitter Cream Lipstick ($18) bullet is enrobed in amped-up shimmer, but when applied, it has a matte finish with a very subtle shimmer. It's ideal if you're a matte lipstick die-hard but you want to dip your toe in the glitter lip trend. The color payoff and wear of this lipstick is very impressive.

Juicy Couture Glitter Cream Lipstick
Juicy Couture Glitter Cream Lipstick in 01 Crown Jewel $18

MAC Lipstick

MAC lipstick
 Amy Lawrenson

MAC's holiday collection Starring You is epic, from the shimmering eyeshadows to the lip kits, but the Kiss of Stars Lipsticks are the real heroes. I'm wearing Walk of Fame, which is already sold out online, but definitely check at your nearest MAC counter or snap up one of the other shades like Starstruck, a brilliant fuchsia/purple.

MAC Walk of Shame
MAC Kiss of Stars Lipstick in Walk of Shame $20


NARS Lipstick in Lisa
 Amy Lawrenson

The new NARS Disco Dust lipsticks are inspired by the decadent era of Studio 54. While it looks like a really good, richly pigmented, lipstick in the picture, in real life, this lipstick is wonderfully shimmery too. The shade Lisa is a warm-toned red that really gives your complexion a welcome boost.

The Disco Dust Lipsticks aren't available on the NARS US website but for readers based in the UK or Europe you can get your hands on them.

Bobbi Brown

Bobbi Brown Lipstick

In the bullet, this lipstick looks impossibly glittery, but on the lips, the sparkles give off a really flattering glowy, wet effect. This finish and color combo of this was my favorite of the lot.

Bobbi Brown Luxe Jewel Lipstick
Bobbi Brown Luxe Jewel Lipstick in Tahitian Pearl $37


Chantecaille Lipstick
 Amy Lawrenson

If you can't get your hands on the NARS Disco Dust Lipstick in Lisa (above) then this Chantecaille Lip Cristal in Carnelian ($51) would be a good option instead. It's got that same warm red hue and the shimmer finish is super luxe looking. It's pricey, but this shade would look great worn in the summer months, too.

Chantecaille Lip Cristal in Carnelian $51


NARS Debbie
 Amy Lawrenson

As with the shade Lisa (above), this NARS Disco Dust Lipstick in Debbie, which is a vampy plum shot through with gold glitter, is available in the UK and Europe. Is it too bouji to book a vacation just to buy lipstick?

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