Make No Mistake—Freckles are the Buzziest Beauty Trend of the Summer

Gone are the days of hiding freckles with heavy makeup. Today, more and more beauty lovers are celebrating the natural beauty and originality that these harmless melanin spots lend to their complexion. In fact, some people—runway models included—are donning faux freckles with the help of makeup or glitter.

The beauty community's new love of freckles is partly due to celebs and influencers who embrace their natural skin. Take Olivia Munn, for example. "I don’t like anything that covers my freckles," she told us in 2014. (This is why the actress forgoes the use of high coverage creams and powders.)

According to Pinterest’s analytics team, searches and saves are for freckles are up. Way up—we’re talking upward of 90%. People are also taking a vested interest in natural makeup, looking for ways to call attention to their freckles, instead of covering them up. Keep scrolling to see some major freckle inspo, straight from Pinterest.