These Sparkly Liners Are the Perfect Gateway to Glitter Makeup

Applying eyeliner is a big task on its own. It's a makeup feat that feels so good once you've mastered it, yet takes some trial and error. There's something so intimidating about maintaining a steady hand, but once you've got it down, you're set with liner for life. The next challenge, then, is glitter eyeliner—even better! Your calendar is probably quickly filling up with festive shenanigans, and you may not know which route to take with your makeup for your upcoming holiday and New Year's parties. That's why you should get in the festive spirit even more with sparkly liner looks that take regular eye shadow up several notches.

As complicated as glitter eyeliner may seem, these non-budge formulas make applying them unbelievably simple. Whether you're looking to jazz up your eye shadow with a touch of glitter or you're aiming to amplify your existing glitter shadow look with more glitter, one of the below will work for you. Ahead, check out 10 glitter eyeliners available in pencil, cream, and liquid formulas.