The Best Glitter Cut Crease Eyeshadow Looks to Make Your Eyes Pop

glitter cut crease


We've found that adding some sparkle to your shadow really helps make your eyes pop. The latest glitter cut crease shadow trend, as such, is one we've definitely got our eye on (no pun intended). A little glitter can go a long way in diversifying your shadow looks.

Whether you're a shimmer minimalist or want to pack on the glitter, we've rounded up 19 fabulous glitter cut crease shadow looks that will make your eyes pop. Keep reading to see them all and get inspired for your next night out (or in).

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Disco Diva

Model wears silver glitter disco smoky eye and radiant makeup look


Channel your inner disco diva with this glitter cut crease shadow look. The icy silver glitter paired with black shadow creates a festive contrast suitable for any party. Highlight the inner corners of the eyes to make them really pop. Plus, take note of the brows and lip color—we're huge fans.

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Just Add Glitter

Silver glitter cut crease eyeshadow look with neutral rose lipstick and highlighter


Bold liner and glitter cut crease eyeshadow create a dramatic look that can also pass for smoky. Draw under the eyes with a creamy liner that deposits highly pigmented color, and pack a fine glitter powder shadow in the crease to recreate this glittering masterpiece.

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It's All Liner

Abstract purple glitter cut crease eyeliner look


If you want to keep your products minimal, use eyeliner to draw a cut crease shape for something sophisticated. Top it off by pressing a glitter pigment on top, like Lemonhead LA's Spacepaste in Houdini ($22).

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Emerald Cut Crease

Emerald green glitter cut crease double-winged eyeshadow look


Emerald looks gorgeous against all skin tones and eye colors, and it looks even flashier in glitter formulations. Pro tip: add a dash of a rich, matte green to the outline of your cut crease for more pronounced definition.

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Make it Bold

Woman wears silver glitter eye makeup with thin black cut crease

Using a bolder type of glitter on the lids, you can easily turn this look into a cut crease by adding a liquid liner in the crease for high definition. More of an artistic, abstract take on cut crease glitter shadow, this look stands out in the best way possible.

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Pretty Grunge

Woman with silver glitter cut crease eye makeup, bright pink hair, and Lorde Pure Heroine record earrings

Cut crease shadow looks don't always need to be super precise. You can wear a grungier, lived-in glitter look by mixing deep shadow colors and creamy glitters for an edgier feel. Apply your shadow with whichever creamy glitter pigment suits your mood. If you're on the hunt for a pressed glitter pigment shadow, Victoria Beckham Beauty's Lid Lustre in Onyx ($36) is a great option.

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Holographic Haze

Woman wears holographic glitter eyeshadow with black graphic cut crease


Add a holographic feel to your cut crease look after you've applied liner to the edge of your lashes and inner crease. Your glitter can be whatever you like, whether it's fine particles, chunkier shimmering pieces, or a lightly infused gel that sparkles and shines.

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Total Glam

Model wears neutral eyeshadow with chrome glitter cut crease and glossy pigmented lip


The ultimate glam cut crease glitter look, this super sparkly gold glitter brings the eyes to life, paired with rich, deep black shadow and liner. Finish with a few coats of your favorite volumizing mascara, like L'Oréal's Lash Paradise ($11), to really open the eyes up and set the look.

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Fairy Fantasy

Model wears blue eyeshadow with gem graphic cut crease and pink hair feathers


Pastel blue eyeshadow and glued-on glitter gems bring this cut crease shadow look to life, and the difference in tone and shape of the gems help to add texture. This look is memorable and gorgeous.

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Icy Cut Crease

Makeup artist with beard wears blue and silver ombre glitter cut crease eyeshadow


Here, makeup artist Steve Kassajikian has created an icy ombré look using a rich, royal blue shadow blended seamlessly with an icy white.

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Bronze Reflections

Model wears bronze glitter cut crease eyeshadow and glossy lips


Try something new with your cut crease by extending it outward into a wing shape and add glitter toward the inner corners of the eyes and lids. This style showcases how beautiful the glitter is, yet packs more punch for those wanting to experiment with daring and dramatic looks.

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Go Green

Makeup artist wears green glitter cut crease graphic eyeliner and matching hijab


Jewel-toned green and gold hues come together for a perfect glitter cut crease eye makeup look. Choose an eyeliner that already has glitter in it to draw your cut crease, or pack some pigmented glitter on top if that's what you prefer. Urban Decay's 24/7 Glide-On Eyeliner Pencil in Mildew ($22) is a comparable green to the one pictured here.

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Touch of Sparkle

Makeup artist wears silver and green glitter cut crease eye makeup and large hoop earrings


If you want to create a cut crease look with glitter but don't want it all over, you can keep the glitter toward the eyes' inner corners instead of the lids. Apply your shadows in a cut crease as usual and press a glitter pigment on the inner corner of your eyes for the final touch.

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All That Shimmers

Model wears silver and black glitter cut crease eyeshadow, radiant skin, and glossy lips


Smoky cut crease glitter looks showcase just enough sparkle and combine two popular trends: the smoky eye and the cut crease. For this look, opt for a shimmering shadow with tiny particles of glitter in it, as opposed to something bolder.

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Dark Dreaming

Model wears deep blue eyeshadow with silver glitter cut crease


Metallic blue eyeshadow covers the lids, while a glittery gel pigment sits just above the crease as a finishing touch. This is such a match made in heaven, as both parts work together to complement one another.

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Lilac You So Much

Makeup artist wears purple cut crease eyeliner with silver glitter and neutral lip gloss


Lilac and deep purple hues cover the lids with a finishing touch of glittery gems placed precisely to the eyes' inner corners for extra shimmer and sparkle. Colourpop's Mixed Crystal Face Jewels ($7) can help you achieve this look.

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Extreme Glamour

Purple glitter eye makeup with smoky cut crease


Sparkle and shimmer all day with this glorious purple shadow and glitter look that glistens and gleams in all the right ways. Extend your eyeliner out into a wing shape for added drama and detail.

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Serving Glitter

Megan Thee Stallion wears silver glitter cut crease eyeshadow with winged liner


Glitter packs a powerful punch on the lids, while softer shadow shades create a cut crease for a fabulous look that's red carpet-worthy. Whether you use glittery shadow pigments or actual press-on gems for the lids is entirely up to you, it will be a hit either way.

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Two-Toned Cut Crease

Model with green shimmery cut crease eyeshadow, peach blush, and natural curls


Creating a well-defined cut crease doesn't mean you have to stick to one eyeshadow shade. Here, a darker shade defines the outer corner of the eyes, while a lighter shade within the same color family highlights the inner half of the eyelid.

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