Everything You Need to Know About Glass Nails

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Korean beauty has long been an inspiration for those of us here in the States—and for good reason. With next-level skincare routines (like glass skin and cloudless skin) and stunning nail looks being shared daily, it's no wonder we're over here doing everything we can to recreate the ultra-effective, undeniably-chic beauty trends coming from the East. Most recently, we've become transfixed on glass nails.

What Are Glass Nails?

Created by Eunkyung Park (the same manicurist who created lipstick nails), glass nails use finely-cut holographic foil to mimic the appearance of shards of glass.

Depending on the layout of the makeshift-shatter, the end look can range from that of an abstract piece of art to an expertly-crafted stain-glass window. Intrigued? Ahead we share 25 examples of glass nails, ranging from simple nudes to bold pops of color.

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Holographic Glass Nails

This high-shine mani uses a silver base topped off with holographic silver slivers to create the coveted glass nails appeal.

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Blue Glass Nails

We love how the color-changing holographic foil complements the cool-blue base of this glass manicure.

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Milky Glass Nails

Gold polish is trendy in and of itself. Add holographic foil to the mix and you have yourself a glass nails masterpiece.

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Dark Magic Glass Nails

Since most holographic foil is translucent, the best way to create a darker glass manicure is to start off with a moody black or dark gray base.

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Silver Glass Nails

Here we're shown how glass nails and rhinestones can play together for a manicure that's equal parts playful and chic.

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Neon Glass Nails

Glitter, holographic foil, and neon nail polish pair together for a summer-worthy nail look that'll land you compliments wherever you go.

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Siren Glass Nails

If you love mermaids but want a darker take on the magical color palette, start with a black base and opt for green-to-blue holo foil.

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Rasta Glass Nails

When you pair reddish-orange holo slivers with bright green ones, you can create a One Love glass mani that's sure to turn heads.

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Almond Glass Nails

Milky almond-shaped nails are statement-making all on their own. To copy this base, paint your nails with a few coats of Olive & June's 7-Free Nail Polish in BEB ($8).

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Glitter Glass Nails

No holographic foil? No problem. If you have a steady hand, you can recreate the look of the trend with different colors of glittery nail polish.

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Monochrome Glass Nails

Choose matching holographic foil and polish for a colorful nail look that changes in the light.

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Pastel Glass Nails

Milky, pale-pink polish topped off with pastel holo makes for a unicorn-esque nail look.

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Neutral Glass Nails

If you love nude nails but want to test out this bold trend, start with a statement glass nail.

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Art Deco Glass Nails

Ready to go bold or go home? These refined lined digits will do the trick.

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Gold Cracks

This golden twist on glass nails reminds us of the Japanese practice of Kintsugi, where cracks in pottery are filled with gold.

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Green Glass Nails

Black and green pair for a villainous nail look that's perfect for Halloween or folks who simply like the darker side of things.

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Light Pink Holo Glass Nails

These light pink holo nails are reminiscent of a light summer day.

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Statement Glass Nails

Instead of letting glass nails be your single statement, break up a full set with a pale pink nail or two for a minimalist pop of color.

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Micro Glass Nails

For a more mosaic end look, cut your holographic foil up into tiny pieces before placing them onto your wet nails with tweezers. It will take lots of patience but the result is well worth it.

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Stiletto Glass Nails

Glass nails to kill, am I right?

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Oxblood Glass Nails

These oxblood glass nails are a great choice for fall.

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Cobalt Glass Nails

Want to go even bolder? Ditch a neutral base in favor of a bold blue.

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Mauve Glass Nails

This mauve monochrome is dainty and disco-ready all at the same time.

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Pale Purple Glass Nails

A pale purple base layered with glitter makes for a glass nail look that's perfect for spring.

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Magical Glass Nails

Teal, blue, and purple holo top off a clear base for a crystal-like finish that makes these glass nails even more magical.

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