Glamzilla Says This $10 Whitening Toothpaste Transformed Her Smile

Beauty influencer Glamzilla

Glamzilla / Design by Tiana Crispino

Stephanie Valentine is a social media superstar known to millions as Glamzilla. The makeup artist turned creator has been creating beauty content for over a decade, and her massive audience is a testament to the years of hard work she's put in. She currently boasts an impressive 1.3 million followers on TikTok, 831K on YouTube, and 412K on Instagram (and those numbers keep climbing). 

Valentine's bubbly personality instantly draws viewers in, making you want to scroll endlessly through her engaging tutorials and reviews. When you visit her social media channels, she makes it clear what you can expect from her. In each bio, she proudly writes, "No filters, no edits…just glam." This simple mantra perfectly captures Valentine's mission as a creator—to provide honest, authentic takes on beauty products and trends. If you want to know the truth about a product or if a hack really works, Valentine is undoubtedly your girl. 

Her commitment to authenticity is something brands have fallen in love with as well. As a creator, she consistently works with some of the most prominent players in the beauty and wellness industry. In the last few months alone, she's launched a limited-edition collection with NudeStix, appeared on a Sephora billboard, and collaborated with brands like Colgate. "The most beautiful thing about this job is connecting with people, living out my passions, and partnering with brands I've used all my life," she says.

Having become the Internet's beauty BFF, we naturally jumped at the opportunity to chat with Valentine. Ahead, she fills us in on her beauty must-haves, wellness routine, and career highlights.

The One Thing That Has Changed Her Oral Care Routine

"The Colgate Optic White Pro Series Toothpaste has changed my smile. If you use it twice daily for about two weeks, you'll notice that your smile is the most vibrant it's ever been. My partnership with Colgate is the one my family's most proud of because we remember when we had to cut the toothpaste to get more out. Every generation of my family has loved Colgate, so it feels unreal to work with them."

The One TikTok Oral Care Hack She Swears By

"I like to gargle before I brush my teeth because I feel like it helps you remove bacteria and have a more effective brushing experience. I use mouthwash, brush my teeth, use mouthwash again, and finish with flossing. I learned this hack on TikTok."



The One Beauty Product She Never Leaves Home Without

"I always have lip balm. I don't like dry lips."

The One Skincare Step She Never Skips

"Hydration. I can skip everything else, but I need to hydrate my skin with a serum or moisturizer. I suffer from rosacea, eczema, and psoriasis, so this step is important."

The One Thing She Looks for in a Fragrance

"I like floral musky scents or anything that smells like baby powder. I like feeling fresh and like I just got out of the shower. I usually have different fragrances for different parts of my body. I like my hair to smell like flowers. I like my body lotions to have a vanilla scent."

The One Thing She Does to Practice Self-Care

"My morning routine is so important. I brush my teeth and throw on red lipstick when I wake up. I love curating my daily routine with products that work for me. They change my life and make me feel ready to take on the world."

The One Beauty Collab She's Super Proud Of

"My Nudestix collection. It was a passion project. I was happy to create something I loved and products that work for all skin tones. I've gotten so much support from Sephora and the beauty community. The set is performing really well."

The One Piece of Advice She'd Give Aspiring Beauty Creators

"Don't be scared. On social media, everybody's worried about what other people think. But, the world is so big, and there will be people that relate to you. It's all about connecting and not being afraid to share."

The One Thing She's Looking Forward to in 2023

"I am looking forward to the next version of myself. I feel like, as women, we go through different transitions, and I'm going through one right now since I just turned 30. It's an exciting evolution. I'm ready to see who I will become and learn more about who I am."

The One Person She's Inspired By

"You know who inspires me? Me when I was six and the woman I'm going to be at 60. I'm focused on who I will be in the future instead of comparing myself to celebrities and creators. I'm focused on the good I will do for myself, the world, the people I love, and people I don't even know. We can draw inspiration from other women or brands, but nothing is more important than getting inspired by the old you and future you."

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