Glamnetic's New Bratz Collection Is the Key to Your Best Y2K Beauty Looks

Peak nostalgia.

Three models wearing the Glamnetic x Bratz collab


Whether Sasha, Cloe, Yasmin, or Jade was your preferred doll to dress up in fabulous outfits, the Bratz pack all made before-its-time snatched makeup looks their signature, rocking the pouty lip and siren eye trends before TikTok even existed. Today, you can make your Bratz-inspired beauty goals a reality with Glamnetic’s new collab with the brand, which features wispy false lashes and printed press-on nails.

Magnetic x Bratz collection


The Brand

Glamnetic is a major player in the false lash game for its styles that add volume and length to the lash line without a single swipe of mascara—or lash glue, for that matter. Glamnetic’s lashes are all magnetic, meaning that they adhere to a magnetic liquid liner that you can use in lieu of your traditional liquid liner or lash glue.

Following the success of the lashes, Glamnetic also released press-on nails in varying sizes, colors, shapes, and trendy designs.

The Inspiration

So, why Bratz? “Glamnetic is thrilled to collaborate with Bratz as a means of showing our personal expression through press-on nails and lashes,” the brand tells Byrdie exclusively. “Ann McFerran, CEO/Founder of Glamnetic, grew up playing with her Bratz dolls and always loved the idea of glam and fashion.”

Bratz x Glamnetic


“Our inspiration behind the collaboration was to create a collection with Bratz which can be worn not only on glam nights out, but also on an everyday basis,” says Glamnetic. The brand reveals that McFerran herself, “loves to show her creativity through her makeup looks and outfits,” which led them to work with the Bratz team to create designs that are unique to each of the girls in the Bratz pack.

The Collection

The collaboration features a five new lashes, as well as five new press-on nail designs. The lashes range from full, fanned-out styles that you can wear to add drama to your nighttime look, to styles more suitable for the daytime since they add volume and length to the lash line without taking away from the rest of your makeup routine. All five styles are 100% vegan and made from high-quality synthetic fibers. You can purchase the lashes individually, or in a bundle complete with a mini liner.

Glamnetic Bratz lashes
Glamnetic x Bratz The Bratz Collection Lashes $130.00

As for the nails, Glamnetic is unveiling its first-ever medium square-shaped press-on nail with this collection. The nails include five new designs, with four of them aptly named after the Bratz dolls themselves. Jade is one of Glamnetic’s medium square-shaped press-ons that features a moody grey and purple manicure with matching flames. Sasha is a neutral-toned French manicure with various shades of green and cream, also in a medium square-shape. Cloe offers a classic baby blue French manicure in an almond shape, and Yasmin puts a spin on the French mani with a two-toned geometric French manicure in an almond shape. The final style is a medium square-shaped French manicure with pink sparkle tips (naturally).

Glamnetic Bratz nails
Glamnetic x Bratz The Bratz Collection Nails $88.00

Whether you grew up playing with Bratz or are just now realizing the dolls’ potential for being beauty goals, this is one of those collaborations that you’d be wise not to sleep on. You can purchase the collection exclusively on starting today.

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