A Day in the Life of Brazilian Supermodel Gizele Oliveira

Modeling can be a really tough gig. Regardless of the way it looks on Instagram—the glamour, free clothes, and after parties—it's still a profession where your physical attributes are part of the equation, and, thus, employers can critique them. As such, models have to develop a thick skin and employ the use of their own self-care practices to quiet the noise.

Just ask model Gizele Oliveira, a stunning Brazilian who's walked in some of the most sought-after shows on the planet. We recently sat down and discussed her morning routine, the foods that make her feel good, the casting process, and her fitness philosophy. Truth be told, it felt more akin to chatting with a friend than a model, as we bonded over our less-than-frequent homemade meals and a love for Italian food. Below, find her thoughts.