The Surprising Food That Gisele Bündchen Never Eats


Getty/ Studio Fernanda Calfat

Any clue as to how Gisele Bündchen maintains that famous bod is welcome in our book, and we just got plenty of insight straight from the source—her personal chef, that is.

Allen Campbell tells Business Insider that meals for the supermodel and husband Tom Brady mainly consist of veggies—80%, to be exact. "[I buy] the freshest vegetables," he elaborates. "If it’s not organic, I don’t use it." The rest of the couple's diet is devoted to lean proteins, like wild salmon, chicken, and grass-fed steak, as well as the occasional whole grain.

Now, we probably could have guessed as much (and frankly, we'd be quite indignant to learn that Gisele was subsisting on Doritos with abs like that), but here's where it gets interesting: While she's all about fresh produce, there are a select few that she always avoids. Campbell always steers clear of nightshade vegetables, a group that includes eggplant, tomatoes, potatoes, and bell peppers. "I’m very cautious about tomatoes," he says. "They cause inflammation." Indeed, some medical professionals link these vegetables with chronic, inflammatory conditions like arthritis.

Other items on the Brady-Bündchen don't-eat list? Coffee, white flour, sugar, dairy, fungus, iodized salt, and olive oil. But don't worry about them feeling deprived—Campbell says that they find a hearty quinoa dish plenty indulgent. 

Not down to give up your chocolate and wine? We feel you—channel Gisele by way of those beachy waves instead. Try scrunching Sachajuan's Ocean Mist ($28) into damp hair.

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