9 Hair Secrets We Learned From "Girls" Hairstylist Sherry Heart

There have been so many standout beauty moments throughout each season of Girls, specifically Marnie's intense wedding makeup, Shoshana's hair (in general), and the moment that had all of us writhing uncomfortably in our seats: Hannah attempting to re-create Carey Mulligan's pixie on her own mane, which resulted in a total hack job. But while the characters may not have always had the best luck on camera, they're in good hands behind the scenes. Who's the owner of said hands? Sherry Heart, the head hair designer for the show.

Heart and her right-hand woman, April Schuller, work with the actors to style the perfect hair for break ups, make ups, and those heart-warming moments (here's looking at you, "Dancing on My Own" scene). Through the years of working on the dynamic set, Heart's learned several hair lessons and developed some of her own tricks that she's been generous enough to share with us and with you, dear readers.

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