A New Zealand Native Takes Us Through Her All-Natural Product Stash

It’s here: 31 days. 31 cities. 31 perspectives. Each day in the month of March, we’re profiling an inspiring woman from across the world and asking her to share her beauty routine, products, and wellness secrets. Consider this your firsthand look into the beauty traditions and cultures of your beauty-obsessed counterparts from Thailand, Nigeria, and more (and don’t forget to check our Instagram for a beauty-themed global takeover each day). Up next, New Zealand native and Co-Founder of Girl Undiscovered Charlotte Devereux shares her inspiring passion for natural beauty and every drool-worthy must-have in her natural, organic, and wild-harvested product arsenal.

New Zealand Beauty Routine - Skincare Routine

Name: Charlotte Devereux

Age: 47

City and country of residence: Auckland, New Zealand. My adventures have taken me everywhere from living in Costa Rica to the mountains of Switzerland, but NZ is where my True North is.

Your beauty icon: My mother, who was a pioneer of natural skincare in New Zealand in the ’80s and was so radiant in her sense of self and style.

The skincare products you can’t live without:

The hair products you can’t live without:

Captain Blankenship Mermaid Dry Shampoo ($24); Beauty Dust Nourish Hair Serum ($35); Sans [ceuticals] Nourishing Hair Wash ($25) and Volumizing Hair Hydratant ($26); Thrive Market Organic Virgin Coconut Oil ($8). (Coconut oil is one of our hero ingredients at Girl Undiscovered, and I do a treatment with it once a week.)

The makeup products you can’t live without:

Juice Beauty Stem Cellular CC Cream in Warm Glow ($39); Kosas Cosmetics Lipcolor in Stardust ($28); RMS Beauty Un Cover-Up Concealer/Foundation ($36); Han’s Coral Hibiscus Natural Cheek & Lip Tint ($16); Girl Undiscovered Pink Skies Beauty Balm ($32).

What country do you find most inspirational when it comes to beauty?

New Zealand Beauty Routine - Skincare Routine

The most popular products and brands in your country right now:

Trilogy’s Certified Organic Rosehip Oil ($29) is immensely popular and brands like Sans [ceuticals] and Antipodes.

The most popular beauty trends in your country right now:

The “makeunder” is very strong in New Zealand right now. This isn’t to say no makeup at all but a “less is more” approach. Focusing on skin prep internally and externally and having dewy and healthy-looking skin is the key to real beauty in New Zealand. Face masks in all forms are very popular to achieve the glow.

Favorite traditional beauty secret from your country:

We have the best honey in the world. I grew up gathering fresh honey from the beehives and smothering it on my face as a beauty mask treatment
with my mum. We use kanuka honey in our products, as it is super healing and incredibly hydrating—the antioxidants can repair your skin and protect it against environmental damage.

Where you buy beauty products:

When I go to a new country, I love to try their traditional beauty products. That is how I discovered the amazing ingredient thanaka. It’s made from the ground bark of the thanaka tree and is a beauty secret used by the women of Myanmar for over 2000 years, as it contains valuable properties for naturally radiant skin.

What does “healthy living” mean to you?

Healthy living to me is about living in balance. Enjoying fresh and yummy food, a glass of organic, biodynamic red wine with friends, and being with my family. Walking our dog, August, and being among nature is where I am happiest. The smell, the feel, and the sound of the sea always make me feel free and complete.

How do you define/practice “self-care”?

I meditate every day. It may only be for 10 minutes some days, but it is my time to bring a sense of calm into my world. I have pink circle stickers all over my house, on my steering wheel, and on my laptop to remind me to belly breath and to bring me back to living for the now and not worrying about the future. Before I go to sleep, I list in my mind all the good things the day has brought me and forgive myself for any moments that weren’t my finest.

What’s your favorite way to stay active and why?

I am obsessed with Kundalini Yoga. Guru Jagat is creating an amazing community for people all over the globe to have proper tools to live a more conscious lifestyle and help deal with modern stressors. After the session, you feel like you have gone to therapy, had an amazing workout at the gym, completed a yoga class, meditated, and sang and danced with your friends. My mind tends to wander easily, so this keeps me interested and covers everything I need in one swoop. I also love ballet barre and try to get a class in every now and again. It’s a great endorphin rush and just makes me feel happy.

What’s your favorite healthy meal?

Salmon san choy bow with extra coriander, lime, and chili. Delish!

What are the most popular wellness trends in your country right now?

Wearable tech is bigger than ever, and as we are blessed in New Zealand with beautiful beaches and forests, more and more people are embracing the freedom of nature that is so accessible to us. The latest fitness apps can be great guides.

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