OMG: Gilmore Girls Makeup Is Now a Thing, and We Want All of It

Today, my friends, is a beautiful, magical day. Today is the day that Gilmore Girls and the makeup industry finally intersect, creating the perfect explosion of fangirl glory for those of us who are both beauty junkies and Stars Hollow groupies. It seems too good to be true, but in honor of Netflix's much-anticipated Gilmore Girls reboot, two indie cosmetics brands have created small-batch collections of Gilmore-themed lip balm and eye shadow—and these products are selling out faster than Lorelei and Rory can knock back a pot of coffee.

The tinted lip balms, crafted by Urban Tee Farm, come in three majestic shades: Vicious Trollop, Spring Break, and Java Junkie. BrijaCosmetics is the brand behind the collection of 17 matte eye shadows, all inspired by quotes from your favorite characters (think "The Lazy Runs Deep," a quote by Paris Geller, and "Hit by a Deer," a classic bit from Rory Gilmore).

The lip balms and eye shadows each run for about $6 a pop. (True diehards can also snag the entire 17-piece shadow collection for $99.) The products are gaining attention fast, so be sure to add them to your cart asap!

Shop a selection of the new Gilmore Girls makeup below!

If you could invent a Gilmore Girls–themed makeup product, what would you name it? Tell us in the comments below!