13 Beauty Gifts Every Gilmore Girls Fan Needs

To say I'm a Gilmore Girls fanatic is the understatement of the century. I live and breathe the show—from The WB to ABC Family (now Freeform) to Netflix, my obsession has never wavered. I was there, watching, as Rory started Chilton, and I held my breath when she and Dean fell asleep after the dance. I checked my debit card balance when Christopher couldn't afford the Oxford English Dictionary. I wanted to try the snacks Lorelai brought up to her room before Suki's wedding. I, too, would have chosen Jess at the dance marathon (poor Dean, bless his heart). We were all there, jumping from the ledge with Logan at the Life and Death brigade gathering, and we hated Luke during their trip to Martha's Vineyard. But we still love him anyway.

Now that the revival is about to drop (today on Netflix!), I couldn't help but take all the references, quotes, and caffeine-infused jokes in my brain and create the ultimate Gilmore Girls gift guide. My magnum opus, if you will. This is not like every other article on the internet, it's a deep-cut. 

If you're as captivated by Lorelai, Rory, (a special mention to my girl Emily Gilmore), and the rest of the Stars Hallow crew—this is for you. Relish in your fandom and keep scrolling for every possible Gilmore-themed beauty gift you'd ever want or need.

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