Gillette's Heated Razor Achieves a Close, Comfortable Shave

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Gillette GilletteLabs Heated Razor Starter Kit

Gillette GilletteLabs Heated Razor

Alfredo Mineo

What We Like
  • Achieves a close, comfortable shave

  • Warms up quickly

  • Sleek, modern design

  • Doesn't cause razor burn or irritation

What We Don't Like
  • Excessive packaging

  • High price point

  • Dock is inconvenient for small spaces

If you're looking for a close, comfortable shave with a little luxury, Gillette's GilletteLabs Heated Razor is sure to deliver. It’s easy to use, warms up quickly, and doesn't cause any of the razor burn or irritation common to shaving.


Gillette GilletteLabs Heated Razor Starter Kit

Gillette GilletteLabs Heated Razor

Alfredo Mineo

We put the Gillette GilletteLabs Heated Razor to the test after receiving a complimentary sample from the brand. Keep reading for our full product review.

I’ve been a fan of Gillette's shaving products ever since the brand introduced the Mach3 to the market. I've tried razors from other competitors, but I keep coming back to their tried-and-true blades. I love experimenting with new grooming and beauty products, and especially new gadgets, so when I had the opportunity to test out the GilletteLabs Heated Razor, I was excited. 

David James, global brand director of GilletteLabs, claims that the product is the “world’s first heated razor," so I wondered if this could revolutionize my shaving experience. The idea is that the razor provides the comfort of a hot towel with every stroke, minimizing irritation and adding a little luxury to a regular ritual. But even with all of its bells and whistles, is Gillette's Heated Razor good enough to justify its $200 price tag? Keep reading for our full review.

Gillette GilletteLabs Heated Razor

Best for: All skin types. 

Uses: A heated razor that provides a close shave while minimizing irritation.

Price: $200

What's included: Razor, magnetic charging dock, plug, and two five-blade cartridges.

About the Brand: The Gillette brand goes back to over a century ago, when King C. Gillette created and sold the company’s first safety razor with disposable blades. “This innovation set the precedent for Gillette’s 120-year history, focusing on quality products that are accessible,” James says.

About My Skin: Combination and sensitive

I have combination skin. During the summer, my skin becomes oily in the heat and humidity of New York City. My skin often becomes irritated when I shave, and I'm also prone to ingrown hairs. I normally shave every other day in the shower, when my pores are open, to prevent irritation and bumps. I use retinoids and other exfoliants as part of my skin care regimen, keeping my pores in check but making my skin more susceptible to razor burn and minor cuts.

The Kit: Excessive packaging, but impressive accessories

Upon unboxing the GilletteLabs Heated Razor, I immediately came away with the impression that this is a premium product. It comes in several layers of what seems to be unnecessary packaging, but for $200, I understand that Gillette wants to create an elevated experience.

“[The razor is] designed to delight, elevate, and transform the grooming experience,” James explains. Everything you need to begin shaving is in the package, including two blades. The initial set up is very easy. You plug in the base and set the razor to charge.

The design of the razor is sleek, with a modern base covered in a comfortable, non-slip rubber that tapers as it approaches the stem and a well-placed power button. The unit has two heat settings, and it takes mere seconds to warm up—the orange heating indicator blinks, then turns solid once reaching the optimal temperature. The razor is also a nice weight—substantial enough to have a quality feel and make it hard to errantly slip off your face, but not too heavy as to be impractical for travel. I don’t love that the magnetic dock isn't wireless and needs to be charged away from wet areas, but this is a minor flaw, not a dealbreaker.

The Feel: Comfortably warm

Gillette GilletteLabs Heated Razor In Use on Alfredo Mineo

Alfredo Mineo

I used Kiehl's Ultimate Brushless Shave Cream to prepare my face, then began shaving. The blade feels warm to the skin at the highest setting. I have sensitive skin, but I didn’t feel a burn from the heat or any other discomfort. The blade glides smoothly against the skin, and I didn't need a second pass over any area to achieve a close shave.

The Results: A close, non-irritating shave

Gillette GilletteLabs Heated Razor Results on Alfredo Mineo

Alfredo Mineo/Design by Cristina Cianci

I stepped out of the shower with a smooth face, absent the irritation I typically feel with nearly all other razors I have tried, and got a closer shave than what I would get from a conventional razor.  While I would normally feel the need to shave again after a couple days, nearly two days later, the shave still appears close. That being said, I find myself looking forward to using it again.

The Value: Expensive, but luxurious quality to match

If you're seeking a premium product and luxurious shave at home without the trip to a barber shop, or simply want a really close shave with maximum comfort, Gillette's Heated Razor may be the solution for you—if you're comfortable ponying up $200 for a self-heating razor. While the product is worth it for those who want to invest, if the price tag is steep, you may wish to consider one of Gillette’s other capable blades, including the Fusion5, ProGlide, or SkinGuard, under warm water with a premium shave cream or gel.

Similar Products: You've got options

Lexington Collection 5 Blade Power Razor: This sleek razor ($175) is part of the Art of Shaving's line of high-end products and accessories. Although not a heated razor, the manufacturer claims that the Flexball Technology enables the razor to rotate and glide across the contour of the face while delivering micropulsations for a closer shave in fewer strokes. Use it with your favorite shaving products, and enjoy the luxurious, at-home experience.

Conair Shave Gel & Lather Heating System: Love the idea of a heated shave but don't want to break the bank? This device from Conair ($27) warms up your favorite shaving gel or cream to provide a close, comfortable shave similar to what you get with Gillette's Heated Razor.

Final Verdict

The GilletteLabs Heated Razor is an attractive, beautifully crafted product that uses gentle heat to deliver a close shave without the discomfort and irritation of conventional razors. It creates a lavish experience in line with its high price point, and shaves close enough for a lasting result without needing to leave your home to see your barber.


  • Product Name GilletteLabs Heated Razor Starter Kit
  • Product Brand Gillette
  • Price $200.00
  • Product Dimensions 3 x 9.6 x 4.4 in.
  • Heat Information Two settings, heats in less than a second
  • Accessories Wireless magnetic charging dock, plug, two five-blade cartridges
  • Materials Plastic and aluminum
  • Warranty One year

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