Gigi Hadid Just Spoke Out About Her Weight Loss


Getty/Jamie McCarthy

She may be known for her laid-back, sunny disposition, but Gigi Hadid has always been pretty candid when it comes to her body and how she fuels it. "Eat clean to stay fit, eat a burger to stay sane," she has famously said of her approach to dieting, prompting millions of appreciative yaaaases. She upends the supermodel stereotype every time she's seen chowing down on a burger, and just last year she spoke out in support of her own natural curves in the face of an industry that, until very recently, didn't really accommodate them. But yesterday, she responded to comments speculating over her recent weight loss—ultimately illustrating that no matter the motivation behind it, dissecting someone's body is just not okay. 

When an Instagram commenter criticized her recent weight loss, claiming that she was conforming to a certain standard that she had previously spoken out about, Hadid characteristically didn't hold back in her response. Keep reading to see what she wrote.