I Spent 24 Hours Trying to Look, Smell, and Work Out Like Gigi Hadid


Getty Images

I’ve long been fascinated with the life of celebrities. They look incredible everywhere they go (because paparazzi) and seemingly float through the streets with their similarly famous friends and significant others. Such is the case with Gigi Hadid.

Hadid is an interesting celebrity-model hybrid, as she's made it big in the modeling industry—couture designers love her, commercial companies plaster her on billboards—but she also has a fanatic following as large as any Hollywood A-lister’s. So it’s only natural that I try to live a full 24 hours like her, right? Right. That’s the normal thing to do.

Armed with her favorite products, tips from her go-to workouts, directions to her favorite burger spot, and her aptly named new Tommy Hilfiger signature fragrance (The Girl), I was ready to embark on a day of luxury and model-endorsed fun. The entire day, Jay Z’s lyrics were ringing in my head: “Photo shoot fresh, lookin’ like wealth. I’m about to call the paparazzi on myself.” Because if I had the paparazzi’s number, I felt great enough to call them on myself.

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