Wow—You Have to See How Symmetrical Gigi Hadid's Face Is



According to supermodel folklore and a little bit of science, perceived beauty is positively correlated with facial symmetry. In English? The more symmetrical a face is, the more likely someone is to be perceived as beautiful. (Blame it on evolution.) Therefore, it's not all that surprising the world's top supermodels are known for having impeccable symmetry—aka their left and right sides will appear almost identical if mirrored.

Fascinating? Yes. True? Not necessarily. Here at Byrdie, we believe in every type of beauty, and to be honest, we could really care less about symmetry—who needs it? However, we'd be remiss to deny our intrigue. After all, we love asking models about their favorite breakfasts (because health) and will even take a skincare tip or two here and there (because breakouts). So when we stumbled upon Imgur's gallery depicting the facial symmetry of a few of our favorite models, our interest was piqued.

For the must-see photos and the ultimate model face-off (literally), click through the gallery below.

Interestingly, the models' faces aren't as symmetrical as we initially expected. Which, honestly, is completely refreshing. After all, beauty is not so easily defined, and as we mentioned above, why should symmetry have anything to do with our perception of beauty? Typically we never argue with science, but in this case, we beg to differ.