Exclusive: Gigi Hadid Tells Us Her #1 Hack for Dealing With Breakouts

What year is it? 2016? We could’ve sworn it was something else… Oh, that's right: It’s the Year of Gigi. Since January, the flaxen-haired model’s presence and influence seem to have increased tenfold. Vogue spread with boyfriend in tow? Check. Baby’s first (très chic) nude magazine cover? Check. Brand campaigns? You’re looking at Maybelline New York’s brand ambassador, as well as the face of Versace’s F/W 16 campaign. Plus, there are all those rumors—you know, the ones about her supposed split from former One Direction member Zayn Malik. (Because you’ve never really made it until you’re part of the rumor mill, and Hadid has clearly been inducted into the club.)

We caught up with Hadid at Maybelline New York’s Beauty Bash and asked her a few of our most pressing beauty questions (one from a Byrdie reader!). Then we sped things up with a rapid-fire round of Would You Rather. The model, lithe and towering above us in a navy spaghetti-strap dress, was all smiles and more than happy to oblige—oh, and she managed to clear up those breakup rumors in a very casual yet pointed way. Note to fans: Her relationship status appears to be very much "in one."

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