I Got My Makeup Done by Gigi's Makeup Artist, and I Learned So Much


Courtesy of La Mer

When Patrick Ta asked me who some of my favorite makeup artists were while meeting at the La Mer counter in Bloomingdale's for a press event, I felt silly saying "Well, you," as if I were just trying to flatter him or because he was standing right in front of me. But it couldn't be a truer statement. Ta's technique is second to none—he's somehow able to lift his clients' faces (which I attribute to a super-sharp angled eye shadow line) while somehow creating an otherworldly airbrushed-luminescent hybrid look on the complexion. Anytime I see Gigi, Shay, or Olivia Munn post a sick makeup shot, I can almost tell right away that it was Ta's handiwork.

That being said, I was a bit starstruck when I got the opportunity to have him do my makeup. In the spirit of summer being right around the corner, we talked about doing a look that was dewy, light, and fresh, and in typical Ta fashion, he gave me a ton of pointers for how to execute it. Read on for Ta's best beauty tips.