The Beauty Products Gigi, Kendall, and More Keep in Their Gym Bags

We know that to maintain their covetable model figures, Gigi Hadid likes hitting the punching bag, while Kendall Jenner hates cardio but does it anyway. Yes, everyone's always dying to know the secrets behind how top models stay in shape, but we admit we might be a little more curious about what beauty products are in their gym bags. After our favorite runway walkers recover from their intense workout regimens, what are their tried-and-true staples for freshening up?

It's a challenge for most to step out looking photo-ready (or ready to run into anyone you know) after hitting the gym. Yet models do it daily and with unrivaled dexterity. Never camera shy, models off duty maintain their cool, effortlessly eye-catching vibe, even when they just finished a session of single-leg dead lifts on a Bosu ball or high-intensity dance cardio. 

Keep scrolling to see the products these supermodels swear by after they sweat.