This Is Gigi Hadid's Go-To Hair Treatment For Long, Healthy Locks

Updated 01/12/18
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If Gigi Hadid is known for one thing besides her famously gorgeous face, it's her California-girl blonde hair. Ever since she first broke out onto the modeling scene, her hair has remained the very same—long, silky, and golden. And we're totally okay with that. (Here's where that old saying, "if it's not broke, don't fix it" applies.)

We wouldn't be saying that if it looked damaged or dull, but somehow, it never does. In fact, her hair never fails to look shiny and lustrous—whether she's getting photographed on a high-fashion runway or in sweatpants on the streets of New York. This has lead to a lot of pondering on our part. How on earth does she keep it so healthy while working as one of the world's most in-demand supermodels? After all, modeling requires a lot of hair styling and heat damage.

As it turns out, according to W Magazine, she reaches for the very same all-natural treatment that we do when our strands are in need of some reparative moisture (and basically every other person on the planet too). That's right, she uses the beauty superhero that is coconut oil. If that's not proof that coconut oil works to prevent breakage and dryness, then we don't know what is.

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While coconut oil seems to be used almost universally to remedy bad hair days, it's more surprising when we learn just how exactly Hadid uses it. Instead of applying it her hair, waiting an hour, and shampooing it out like we do, Hadid leaves it in for upwards of 3 days at a time. Believe it or not, that's not an exaggeration.

"I'm not allowed to do anything with my hair. My goal is to keep it healthy," says Hadid. "When I have time off, I do coconut oil in my hair and I just put it in a bun and don't wash it. You can shower, obviously. But just keep your hair in a bun for like three days, keep the coconut oil in and just keep it up." We often see Gigi out and about sporting a high ballerina bun. Who knew it was hiding oil-slick strands underneath this entire time?

As for washing it out, Hadid says not to run your hair under the water first. "Do shampoo first, then rinse, then shampoo again, because if you do water first, then the shampoo doesn't go in and your hair is still oily." Thanks for the tip, Gigi! Now let's be friends and do weekly hair masks together.

Head over to W Magazine to read the full article, then, see how Kendall Jenner keeps her skin so clear.

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