Watch: Gigi Hadid Explains How Mindfulness Gets Her Through Fashion Week

By now, we can all agree that Gigi Hadid always has a way of looking effortless under even the most stressful circumstances. From opening up about her thyroid condition to negotiating the insane schedule of NYFW, she manages to get through it with ease and eloquence. And now, we know just how she does it.

In a new video campaign from Reebok, Hadid reveals her essential trick for getting fashion show–ready: a simple mindfulness exercise. According to Hadid, calming herself down with breathing is the key to preparing for the pressure of fashion week.

Mindfulness is something we explore a lot here at Byrdie to cope with everything from work-related anxiety to stress-eating. Generally, it can be defined as a relaxation-based exercise proven to have a multitude of benefits such as reducing anxiety and lowering stress levels. One of our go-to mindfulness exercises is taking two minutes to close our eyes and simply focus on our breathing. (Check out our favorite mindfulness app of the moment, Stop, Breath & Think, for more exercises.)

When incorporating these techniques into our daily lives, Elaine Weatherly-Jones, MD, a chartered psychologist and teacher of mindfulness-based approaches, suggests, "Don't focus on the circumstances; focus on the feelings. It's all based on your own anxieties, but if you look at what you are feeling, then what you'll find is that you're being a bit harsh on yourself."

Want a piece of Hadid's secret to feeling calm under pressure? Watch the video below to see how she prepares for the runway.