Did Gigi Hadid Just Get a New Bob? See the Photos

Stop everything! Gigi Hadid—everyone's favorite beauty muse—debuted a super-short bob haircut on the 2015 American Music Awards red carpet. Naturally, we're obsessed. But while the our first thought upon seeing that the model had chopped her signature sunny tresses was How brilliant!, here's the shocking truth: She actually didn't. Yep—that's a very convincing, very well-styled wig.

"Gigi wanted to experiment with the look, without letting go of her signature California girl locks, so we opted for a partial wig," stylist Bryce Scarlett for Matrix tells us exclusively. "She loved it, and was so surprised at how great it turned out!" We, on the other hand, are not surprised. At this point, we assume she'd look good with a shaved head. Le sigh.

Keep scrolling to see the photos, as well as the deets about how the look came together.

As for the inspiration behind the actual styling, Scarlett says it was all about the dress. "She saw it and instantly wanted to go for a sleek look. With the high neckline, we thought it would be best for a short cut to accentuate the neckline of the dress." Because as Kylie Jenner has proved time and again, why stick with your regular hair when you can have any color and any cut at a moment's notice—with zero commitment?

We also had to know the secret to getting that slicked-back, tousled style without looking greasy, and Scarlett says it's actually pretty simple. "You can use a ton of different products, but the key is not to overuse any," he explains. "I would always use a volumizing mousse like Matrix's StyleLink Volume Builder Mousse ($18) and most definitely a texturizing spray like the Matrix StyleLink Texture Builder ($18).

"And if your hair is super frizzy, use a glossing serum to tame frizz and flyaways. I really like the Matrix StyleLink Gloss Booster ($20)."

What do you think of Gigi's 'do? Should she make it permanent? Sound off in the comments!