So THIS Is How Gigi Keeps Her Abs Toned

Updated 09/23/16
Raymond Hall/Getty Images

Sometimes we can't help but wonder if there's anything Gigi Hadid can't do. The year's most talked-about model graces the cover of an Olympic-themed Vogue August issue, and the magazine is taking note of her signature abs.

That's right: The blond bombshell might be known for her tousled waves and California-girl looks, but we've all caught a glimpse at her seriously toned abs. While her rock-hard six-pack is not on display in the magazine's latest issue, Vogue interviewed her trainer of over two years, Rob Piela of NYC's Gotham Gym and Gotham G-Box, who says that getting those Hadid-esque abs is all about consistency. 

"It’s all about how hard you work and how much you put in—Gigi is a hard worker," he says. So how exactly does Gigi train for those abs of hers? During her sessions with Piela, the model switches back and forth between boxing and floor workouts—and she does so regularly. Her trainer recommends to workout four times a week and incorporate a combination of leg raises, plants, and crunches to attain those signature abs of hers.

"The combination of those three moves is golden,” he says. He also notes that maintaining a healthy diet and avoiding sugar are also important. So if you're looking for a model-worthy ab workout, here is a breakdown, straight from Piela.

1. 10-minute boxing warm-up for the core.

2. Three sets of 40 crunches.

3. A 10-minute boxing session to raise heart rate.

4. Three sets of 40 bicycle crunches.

5. Another 10 minutes of boxing.

6. A 60-second plank pose to work transverse abs.

7. Four sets of 25 leg raises with super-straight legs to target lower abs.

What do you think of this intense ab workout? Tell us in the comments, and stock up on Invisibobbles ($8) before your next trip to the gym to keep your hair secure in a ponytail.

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