So Good: 11 Beauty Gifts Under $25 That Don't Seem Cheap

Believe it or not, saving money during the holiday season isn’t impossible, and you certainly needn’t settle for gifts that will ultimately leave friends and family underwhelmed and tempted to re-gift. (Eek!) And leave it to some of our favorite brands to curate over-the-top gifting ideas that not only appeal to our vanities but our rather tight budgets, as well. So for this particular gift guide, we created a budget and capped our spending limit at a cool $25—fair, right?

However, we also wanted to make sure (per our usual standards) that each and every product would be something we love, we’d buy for ourselves, or we’d gladly gift to our most dearly beloved. Behold: 11 covetable beauty gifts under $25. Intrigued? Keep reading!