6 Little Luxuries Moms Just Won't Quit

Mother’s Day is just around the corner (May 13, people; don’t forget), and as the time draws nearer, we’ve been finding ourselves thinking about what the day is really about. For one, it’s a celebration of motherhood—an appreciation for the women in our lives (biologically related to us or not) who raised us, nurtured us, and continue to love us unconditionally. But it’s also for recognizing that moms are people with needs too. Believe it or not, they crave “me” time just like the rest of us.

So while we still might ply the moms in our lives with flowers and chocolates, we also decided to ask them what they really want—and their answers involved simple little luxuries like quality alone time spent relaxing with a multitasking, hydrating hydrogel mask from European Wax Center®. Read on to find out what six real women do to take time out for themselves, and steal a few of their tips to treat the special women in your life.