Exclusive: Getting Ready With Danielle Campbell Before Her Biggest Premiere Yet

It was 4:45 p.m. on a Tuesday, a welcome, warm, and sunlit afternoon after an unseasonal cold streak. I opened the front door to Danielle Campbell's West Village apartment and was met by a tiny dog ferociously wagging her tale. Our shoot had already begun. Campbell was sitting in a chair facing her massive balcony getting her makeup done. "This space is amazing," I couldn't help but blurt out, my apartment-dwelling eyes glittering with admiration and a little jealousy. She looked over at her boyfriend, winked, and said, "You look really good, babe." Both of them were preparing for the premiere of Campbell's new show, Tell Me a Story, a dark remake of Little Red Riding Hood set in New York. "You get lost in a completely different story," Campbell told me. "It's everything you want from a television show. It's sexy and intense, and you feel for the characters. You're on the edge of your seat the whole time." 

After taking photos on her balcony, there was a somewhat serendipitous rainbow emerging, and while she was finishing hair and makeup, we sat down on her couch and chatted about it all—the premiere, her favorite beauty products, and the disorienting nature of a red carpet experience. Below, we break down her chosen hair-and-makeup look, offer up her hero products, and get a glimpse into the fun and anticipation hours before a career-defining moment.

Photographer: Emily Soto
Hairstylist: Benoit Moeyaert
Makeup Artist: Misha Shahzada
Dress: Rasario
Shoes: Stuart Weitzman
Earrings: Elena Votsi for Gemfields x Muse

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