How to Zap Blackheads for Good

You've laid down a pretty penny for an aesthetician to do the digging, responsibly. Now you're staring in the mirror at a blank canvas, otherwise known as your face sans a bunch of blackheads. While we can't necessarily predict a breakout, according to a recent article on, we can keep the tiny black ones from creeping back into newly open pores. And we likely have everything we need at home.

Zara Mohsin, a skincare expert at Wink Brow Bar in New York, shared with the magazine, “Take a wet hot towel and put it on your nose for a couple of minutes. Then, take the side of a metal tweezer and run it against the sides of your nose, being very careful not to push down too hard or poke yourself." Follow this advice up with a cleaning agent like a soothing toner or fresh lemon juice, and you'll keep the area tight and blackhead-free. Head over to to see the full interview with Mohsin. Need a great new pair of tweezers specifically for your nose? We love Tweezerman's Pink Perfection Mini Slant Tweezers ($18).

Have you been able to successfully keep blackheads at bay? Did lemon juice help? Share your secrets below!