How to Eliminate Belly Pooch: 3 Ways to Tone Your Lower Abs

Lower belly pooch is surely the devil's work. This area tends to bloat during that time of the month and stay puffy long after your cycle's ended. And no matter how many sit-ups we do, our abs still don't seem to look like any of the Victoria's Secret models' abs—okay, maybe we've set the bar a little high here, but what gives? 

We asked Cindy Leos, fitness expert extraordinaire, to share her foolproof tips for getting a flat tummy before you know it. But before we get to her easy moves, she wants you to know one thing: Your diet could be causing that annoying belly bloat. It sounds like a no-brainer, but the truth is that sometimes the seemingly harmless food items we ingest are doing more harm than good. Take, for example, artificial sugars and processed foods. You may think you're grabbing a quick snack to fuel your morning, but it turns out these ingredients cause major water retention. Instead, she suggests incorporating more leafy greens, asparagus, cucumbers, and natural yogurt (probiotics do wonders for bloat) into your diet.

Now, onto the fitness moves! To learn how to tone your own belly, keep scrolling!