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Georgia May Jagger on Her Iconic Parents and Dying Her Hair

And her forthcoming skincare line, May.

For the sake of journalism, I usually stay away from fawning in interviews. I try to paint a picture of the human; the regular person I had an opportunity to speak with who—despite their accolades or tremendous fame—is just one of us. This is not that interview. Georgia May Jagger is one of those I can't believe they're real type of notable human. Though her career stands on its own, she is also the offspring of legendary model Jerry Hall and Rolling Stones' own Mick Jagger. So when I hunkered down on my living room floor to chat with the 29-year-old model over the phone, it wasn't just another day on the job. At least not for me.

I've looked to Jagger for style, makeup ideas (she's was the face of Rimmel, after all), and, naturally, hair inspiration. We have a similar texture and photos of Jagger's curly bangs have been permanently cemented in the "manifestation mood board" section of my brain. I'll never forget the first time she dyed her hair pink or the Fiorucci tee she wore with those curly bangs to a party in London. It felt like fate that what brought us together was Bleach, a U.K. salon she's a partner in, coming stateside.

Below, find out more about our girl Georgia May Jagger. She speaks to the massive influence her parents have had on her beauty choices, as well as musings on hair color and care, her own namesake skincare line, and what it means to be well. Just in case you're wondering, Jagger told me I had some "really great questions." So, I'll be living off that high for a while.

On getting involved with Bleach...

georgia may jagger

Joseph Canoza / Design by Tiana Crispino

"Alex [Brownsell] was on one of the first shoots I ever did, I was 14 and she was 17. We became friends a few years later and I started putting her up for all the covers I was doing, the contract jobs I had—things like Sunglass Hut, Rimmel, and all that. We traveled a lot together. I was always enamored with mixing up and changing my hair, but she took me to that next level. I invested in the business about five years ago. We've been planning for the last year to finally come to America and launch our salon here. We have three salons in the U.K. and a product range, but this will be our U.S. flagship.

On her hair-color journey...

"The first time I ever tried color it was magenta. I like to try everything, but I do feel my skin tone works best with the magentas and reds. So, I always gravitate towards that. If it wasn't for other modeling jobs, I would probably have a funky rainbow dip-dye all the time.

I think a dark red [is my power shade]. Then Bleach's color The Big Pink as well is just all like really magenta. Alex did my hair for the British Fashion Awards and I was wearing a pink suit along with it—it was a lot, you know, but not too much. It was maximalism and it worked. I felt really powerful with that hair color.

On caring for your hair post-color...

"At Bleach we do a whole case of things depending on your hair type to make sure you're not damaging your hair. My favorite product is Bleach's Reincarnation Mask. I'll leave it on for hours. They say 20 minutes but I like to leave it on for as long as I can if my hair is feeling dehydrated. Our serum is really good for your ends as well. Doing regular maintenance is the key. Alex has a thing called the "secret trim," which she taught me how to do. We did some videos on Instagram about like these secret haircuts. They're great if you don't want to get full haircut; if you're trying to grow your hair but also keep it healthy. My sister has super long hair and she always cuts her ends individually. There are grooming techniques like that you can build into your routine in-between salon visits—and they really work.

"I also try not to blow dry my hair too often. Unless, obviously, I'm going out to a party. But definitely not every day. It's really important for me, as far as like having a full bleach or a color that I lay off heat styling. So, you have to decide when you're really going to go for it."

georgia may jagger

Joseph Canoza

On skincare and ingredients...

"I've actually been, as a labor of love, creating my own skincare. We're not quite ready yet—but, it's called May and it's all natural and organic. It came about because I'm allergic to so many things and I'm so interested in the skincare world. I'm completely obsessed with all kinds of skincare. I love Dr. Barbara Sturm's stuff, Osea, and Living Libations. They're really amazing. And I love this company called Isun, they have really nice masks and moisturizers. But, I've just been using a lot of my products. I'm super into hydration being in L.A.

"I have really dry, sensitive skin and a lot of [products] don't work for me. I love ingredients like calendula, honey, coconut, seaweed, and herbs. I wanted to do a balm, so it'll be something you can use anywhere."

georgia may jagger

Joseph Canoza / Design by Tiana Crispino

On her beauty icons...

"I grew up watching May West movies. She an iconic, strong, glamorous Hollywood icon that doesn't take anything from anybody. She's in control. I watched the documentary about her recently and learned she was writing and directing so long ago. She pioneered that idea of a strong woman. And then obviously my family. At the moment I'm obsessed with Hunter Schafer as well. I like to experiment with makeup."

On beauty advice from her iconic parents...

"My mom is very natural, she hasn't had any surgery. I'm always like, whatever makes you happy—but she really just believes in embracing yourself and not comparing yourself to others. With our culture nowadays, that something younger people struggle with a lot. I learned from her to have fun with [beauty] and to not be afraid to be an individual. We don't all need to look the same. Embrace your flaws. It sounds cheesy, but it's true."

On feeling well...

georgia may jagger

Joseph Canoza / Design by Tiana Crispino

"It's all about balance. It's being in nature and disconnecting; I love going for hikes, swimming in the ocean, yoga, meditation. It's also about everything in moderation, including moderation. It's a bit of everything. No one needs to feel like they have it all, it's about respecting what you have. For me, that's being around good people, being with my dogs, and having my health."

On the clothes and products that got the most use over the last year...

"My Levi's, I've been living in them. I also love to wear what I call 'pajamas in disguise.' You can dress them up, like I'm wearing purple velvet pants right now, but really they're just pajamas. But, yes, I mostly live in Doc Martens and jeans most of the time. Product wise, it's the Osea Atmosphere Protection Cream, mascara, and a tinted lip or lipstick. I always go back to Nars lip pencils in an orange-red."

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